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The most high-profile UFO story in France, which received great publicity in the media and became a cult

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The most high-profile UFO story in France, which received great publicity in the media and became a cult.

Today I have an unusual story for you, and not exactly in my usual format. The fact is that in the search for information about an abandoned castle (Château de Flacy), I came across evidence that a group of children saw a UFO near it. I began to analyze the documents from the investigation about this case in more detail and found that this case is very similar to another, the most famous in France, evidence of an encounter with aliens. I'll tell you about it first.

The case of the meeting of children with aliens, which was made public and embellished by journalists for greater effect, occurred in 1967 in a village called Kussak. Then the brother and sister, Francois and Anne-Marie, 13 and 9 years old, went to graze a herd of cows, accompanied by their dog. It was a warm August morning, and the children had brought the cows to the pasture, while they hid from the scorching sun behind the nearby boulders and played cards.

The most high-profile UFO story in France

Francois and Anne-Marie, personal archive

A couple of hours later, the cows decided to join a nearby herd, and Francois was distracted from the game, climbing on the boulders, and was about to call the dog to bring the cows back, when he suddenly saw in a nearby field, about 100 meters away, four small creatures, which at first took for children. They were fully clothed in tight black clothing that the boy couldn't see clearly. Not far from them, hidden by a hedge, is a glowing spherical object.

- "Look, black children! he called to his sister.

- "Yell at them!" Call me out to play!- she answers, also seeing the strange little men.

One of them digs the earth and apparently gives the pieces of it to the other, who puts them in some kind of bag.

Francois and Anne-Marie

Drawing by Michael Buhier

Francis begins to wave his hands, but the humanoids who notice this stand to attention, rise vertically up and disappear headfirst into the glowing sphere that approaches them. Having collected all its passengers, the sphere, blinking light, quickly flies away. The cows begin to low long, and the dog that noticed the sphere at the last moment barks and rushes to run after it, but it's too late.

The children return home in tears and shock, which greatly disturbs their parents. Their father immediately contacts the local gendarmes, and together they go to the scene and behind a hedge find a patch of slightly scorched grass with a diameter of about 5 meters, and also feel a strange smell. The next day, my father calls the journalists.

Children at the scene with the investigator. Photos of the magazine's journalists

Children at the scene with the investigator. Photos of the magazine's journalists Phénomènes Spatiaux №16, Juin 1968

The children give evidence several times, and the evidence of the brother and sister (especially in relation to the appearance of the humanoids and their aircraft) differs slightly, and with each new survey, they acquire more and more details. Each of the journalists who wrote about it most likely also added something from themselves.

About the children, by the way, it is also known that the sister could not sleep for two nights because of the shock, and the brother, who wore glasses, had sore and watery eyes all day after the incident, and this also happened later in the morning for several days in a row.

The story became very popular in France, it went through almost all the media and even published a comic book on it. Until now, many French video bloggers raise this topic and try to give a logical explanation for what the children saw. In particular, the most popular theory is that the children met an ordinary helicopter, because the airfield was not very far from the village, and everything else was already drawn by their imagination. Be that as it may, this story is firmly embedded in French culture and remains one of the interesting pieces of evidence of an encounter with aliens.

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