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The moon inside is "empty" or the hollow moon theory! Facts that cast doubt on official science

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Complex aggregates are hidden inside the Moon! Facts that cast doubt on official science

By 2021, many versions of the appearance of our satellite have accumulated, many of which can be called fantastic. Most modern scientists adhere to the version that the Moon occurred as a result of the collision of the Earth with an unknown body, because of which a huge piece broke off from our planet, which became our satellite.

But many researchers studying ancient texts note that there is no mention of the moon in texts older than 15 thousand years. Some legends say that the Moon appeared suddenly, overnight-this suggests that the moon was either brought to us or hidden.

In fact, there is a very interesting version – the Moon is empty inside. Proponents of this version believe that the Moon is a kind of spaceship or base from which aliens are watching us.

This version appeared out of nowhere, many ufologists note that UFOs leaving the Earth always fly in the direction of the Moon. About everything in order.

Empty moon

There is an ancient Chinese parable about travelers who get lost.

All the lords know that the moon is a treasure consisting of several parts. The moon is still faded. Bright when the sun is reflected from it. Thousands of families are building it, and I will be one of them

Quotes of the Parable

What families are mentioned in this parable is unknown. I'm not even sure it's about people. But it is obvious that it refers to the "lunar" builders.

Studying ancient texts, we do not get answers, but only new questions that are difficult to answer.

For example, about a wandering monk who talked about his past life and an unknown civilization living on Earth millions of years ago. They were already incredibly advanced, with incredible technology. And one day they decided to create a "lantern" that would illuminate the Earth at night. As you understand, we are talking about the moon...

hollow moon

According to his description, there are many different mechanisms and technologies inside the Moon that we have forgotten about. And its surface is several kilometers of metal, which serves as a protective layer.

The satellite was built in just a couple of years, and a little more time to bring the Moon into "proper" form and adjust the speed of rotation.

So how could such a powerful civilization disappear?

And now we turn to the facts that indirectly confirm that the Moon is hollow inside.

  • There are many sensors installed on the moon, some of which read the satellite's vibrations. So in 2006, there was a lunar earthquake, which was accompanied by a mysterious hum. Scientists in their report described this hum as the sound of a bell. This sound is possible only on the condition that the object is empty inside.
  • The radius of our satellite is almost perfectly round, when the satellites of other planets have an elliptical radius.
  • We always see only the "face" of the moon. And its "back" part is significantly different from the front, especially in its shape.
  • The size of the moon is 1/390 of the size of the sun. The distance from the Earth to the Moon is 1/390 of the distance between the Sun and the Earth. Such a phenomenon is unique to the cosmos, at least astronomers have not found anything like it.

This is certainly not all the strange anomalies associated with the satellite, there are still a few strange coincidences. And recently, more and more Ufologists are inclined to believe that the Moon is an artificially created object.

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