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The incident with the Cuban jet UFO

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The incident with the Cuban jet UFO

According to the frequently asked questions page on the Federal Bureau of Investigation website, titled "The FBI and UFOs," the United States Domestic Intelligence and Security Service "has only occasionally participated in the investigation of the possibility of the existence of UFOs and aliens for many years."

"Concerned citizens have reported many of these strange sightings to the FBI," the statement said. In many cases, the observations were taken seriously, especially at an early stage, because of the "role of the Bureau in protecting the homeland during [World War II]", a priority that, according to the agency, "remained in the spotlight in ensuring national security as the Cold War began"

However, as the world went through the years of the Cold War, the FBI's role in investigating UFO reports decreased significantly.

Neither the public nor the Air Force turned to us for help, as it was in the first few years of the Cold War

It appears on the FAQ page, noting rare exceptions, including the FBI investigation of the infamous "Majestic 12" documents in 1988., which, according to the bureau, were forgeries.

In other words, the FBI's involvement in the UFO topic was mainly due to requests from other government agencies or civilian groups that relied on the FBI's expertise in various fields. And in one case in 1978, it concerned their role in federal law enforcement agencies. On a summer evening in late July 1978, UFO researcher Robert Todd, an expert on using the Freedom of Information Act to appeal to the U.S. government for information about UFOs, was at home with his parents at their residence in Ardmore., when they heard a knock on the door. To her surprise, Todd's mother soon found herself face-to-face with a pair of FBI agents on the doorstep, asking if they could talk to her son, who would soon be questioned by these agents within the next hour.

The reason for the visit: Robert Todd recently notified the National Security Agency of his plans to contact the Cuban government for information regarding the possible destruction of one of his planes during the pursuit of UFOs in an incident about which the US government said they knew nothing.

Todd, who was only 24 at the time, recently filed several Freedom of Information Act requests, appealing to the US Air Force, US Navy, CIA and NSA for information about an alleged incident involving a specialist from the US Air Force Security Service unit at Homestead Air Force Base south of Miami, Florida. In March 1967, as the story goes, Spanish-speaking intercept operators at the base allegedly overheard Cuban broadcasts about the pursuit of a "ghost" that invaded Cuban airspace from the northeast.

After its discovery, a pair of MiG-21 fighter jets were flown into the air to investigate the mysterious intruder, which they eventually discovered and noticed that it resembled a large metal sphere without wings or any signs of propulsion. The flight commander was soon notified that the object did not respond to attempts at radio communication, and was instructed to open fire on the ship. When the flight commander was equipping his missiles and preparing to fire at the facility, the Cuban Air Defense Command heard the excited voice of his wingman suddenly come over their radios, stating that his commander's plane had just completely collapsed, with no visible explosion or signs of an explosion. attack. Immediately after, the strange metal sphere quickly rose from a height of about 33,000 feet to over 98,000 feet and headed southeast towards South America.

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When Todd tried to find any additional information about the alleged 1967 incident through Freedom of Information Act requests, the CIA eventually responded to Todd with the following interesting advice: "Check with the Cuban government records about this incident." However, before doing so, Todd decided to notify the NSA and the Air Force in advance, telling them that he planned to follow the CIA's advice, asking them to tell him what information "should not be shared with the Cuban government," offering a deadline of 20 days for any agency to respond. Apparently, instead of responding to Todd's request, the NSA commissioned the FBI to investigate the case of a young UFO researcher. "And in response to that," Todd later explained, "two FBI agents knocked on my door."

When the agents arrived, it wasn't exactly a friendly visit either. Todd was read his rights and informed about the penalties under the espionage laws, which included not only long prison terms, but possibly even death. All this is due to the interest of a civilian in trying to get information about an unconfirmed UFO incident, the consequences of which we will consider in the second part, where we will look at the broader consequences of the reaction of the US Air Force and the NSA to the Todd incident. .

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