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The 1986 Dalnegorsk UFO disaster

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The 1986 Dalnegorsk UFO disaster

In the city of Dalnegorsk (Primorsky Krai) in the evening at about 20.00 hours on January 29, 1986, more than twenty random eyewitnesses witnessed the flight of a spherical object that was moving parallel to the earth. The UFO was glowing red and was moving at a speed of about 15 meters per second. But a few seconds later, disaster struck. The object fell at an angle of 60-70 degrees on the Limestone Mountain, located in the city and known as "height 611".

According to a survey of witnesses, the device, before it crashed into the mountain, jerked up and down several times. After that, the UFO silently exploded and burned down within an hour. Five days later, on February 3, a field expedition of the Far Eastern Branch of the Research Committee on Anomalous Air Phenomena at the Academy of Sciences, headed by Doctor of Sciences and famous Primorsky ufologist Valery Dvuzhilny, arrived in Dalnegorsk.

Dalnegorsk ufo

The expedition team that surveyed the area found a 2x2 meter site with traces of high-temperature exposure. The fragments of rocks on it were covered with a black film with traces of running, and the site itself was black ash. The remains of a burnt tree turned into porous coals, uncharacteristic for a typical forest fire, were found. Metal droplets, black vitreous particles weighing up to 30 mg, as well as unusual loose scaly particles in the form of a kind of mesh were found on the wall of the cornice and in the ashes. The mystery became more and more intriguing...

Dalnegorsk UFO mystery

The samples were studied at the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute and the Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The analysis of the balls showed that the isotopic composition of lead indicates its terrestrial origin. Moreover, this composition is identical to samples from the Kholodchensk deposit of the northern Baikal region. Instances of "iron" balls had a very high degree of hardness.

They could not be cut with steel tools, and they yielded only to diamond. According to experts, the test sample turned out to be a drop of alpha-iron. In addition, the composition of the balls included almost the entire periodic table: iron, manganese, nickel, molybdenum, silicon dioxide, cobalt, chromium. And during vacuum melting, at a temperature of over 1300 degrees, the ball turned into a melt that spread over the tantalum substrate. In the resulting film, scientists unexpectedly found elements of both "mesh" and "glass".

The most mysterious find at the "height 611" was a thin mesh, the samples of which are made of threads of inert metal, which is a complex alloy. Chemists grabbed their heads: the grid consisted of amorphous carbonaceous materials with separate metal atoms. It consisted of carbon, zinc, silver, gold, lanthanum, praseodymium, silicon, sodium, potassium, cobalt, nickel, yttrium, alpha-titanium and many other elements.

The Dalnegorsk anomaly. A mysterious UFO disaster 30 years ago

It's funny that at a temperature of 2800 degrees Celsius, some elements disappeared, but new ones appeared instead. For example, during vacuum heating, gold, silver and nickel disappeared, but molybdenum and beryllium sulfide came out of nowhere. By the way, the last one disappeared after five months. In one of the samples of the "mesh", "fragments of the thinnest, 17 microns, quartz threads were found, which, in turn, consist of even thinner fibers twisted into bundles." Recently it was discovered that "the same thin ones are woven into these fibers... golden wires". Experts conclude that such a technology is impossible even at the current level of technology development.

There is no doubt that this is a sign of high technology, and not a sample of natural or terrestrial origin.

Doctor of Chemical Sciences V. Vysotsky confirms::

Completely unfamiliar to researchers, the material turned out to be "glass beads" - translucent yellowish droplets Many years have passed since then. But the crash site still has an impact on people. It has been noticed that "height 611" has an unfavorable effect on the blood - it causes a decrease in the level of leukocytes and an increase in bacteria. In addition, blood pressure rises on Lime, the pulse quickens, there is an inexplicable fear. The accident site also affects photographic materials - it highlights film and photo paper. Perhaps the reason for this is the impact on the soil of ultra-high temperatures (from 4000 to 25000 degrees Celsius) and radiation of unknown nature. 

And another mystery from the "Dalnegorsk UFO". Silicon samples collected on the mountain have magnetism. But magnetizing silicon is the same as magnetizing a brick! Almost two years after the disaster in November 1987, an unusually high activity of unidentified flying objects was noted in the area of Dalnegorsk. In just one day, 33 objects were registered in five administrative districts of Primorye. They had various shapes - cigar-shaped, cylindrical, spherical - and moved absolutely noiselessly. Forgery in this situation is impossible, because more than 100 people - workers, intellectuals, policemen, military - became eyewitnesses of the mass invasion of UFOs.

UFO sightings

The flight of objects was accompanied by powerful 2-minute interference and malfunctions in televisions, telegraph lines and other equipment. Computers were being cleaned: the files and programs stored in them were hopelessly corrupted. According to experts, the cause of the problems was a powerful electromagnetic field that arose in the area of UFO activity. 13 out of 33 UFOs flew directly over Dalnegorsk. Surprisingly, the objects were interested in the crash site - they hovered over the hill and illuminated it with powerful searchlights. And in January 1989, local ufologists and casual observers recorded a UFO landing literally 200 meters from the crash site.

The actions of the mysterious objects suggest that they were searching for the crashed device or their own "investigation" on this incident. Since then, for thirteen years now, both skeptics and optimists have been making many attempts to explain the essence of the "Dalnegorsk UFO". A huge number of assumptions have been made - from frankly stupid to scientifically sound. But not a single person has been able to convincingly prove the earthly origin of the object that crashed on January 29, 1986 at "height 611". And it is doubtful that even the intervention of the FSB or the FBI will be able to give a concrete answer. In general, the truth is still out there somewhere...

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