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The collision of a Russian pilot with a UFO and the crash

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The collision of a Russian pilot with a UFO and the crash

December 20, 1991, the city of Rostov-on-Don

The senior investigator of the military prosecutor's office of Rostov-on-Don, garrison captain of Justice Musienko, having considered the materials of the criminal case against the cadet of the Yeisk Air Force, M. G. Churbakov, established: on August 16, 1991, M. G. Churbakov, on an L-39 aircraft, performed a training flight along the route. The take-off was carried out at 7 hours 37 minutes from the Zernograd airfield of the Rostov region.

At the 14th minute of the flight, at an altitude of 1400 meters, at a speed of 430 kilometers per hour in a horizontal rectilinear flight, M. G. Cherbakov reported on the self-shutdown of the engine. At the command of the flight director at an altitude of 1150m and a speed of 300 km / h, he ejected. The plane completely collapsed when it fell.

 The collision of a Russian pilot with a UFO and the crash

On August 26, 1991, M. G. Churbakov performed two flight tasks on a spark on an L-39 aircraft and performed the third flight-an an independent one, takeoff was made at 17 hours 22 minutes from the Zelenograd airfield of the Rostov region. At the 12th minute of the flight in the aerobatic zone 33 at an altitude of 3,850 meters and a speed of 410 km / h, M. G. Churbakov reported that he had discovered an unidentified flying object in the shape of a ball, which was rapidly approaching the aircraft at the same altitude with it. According to the report of M. G. Churbakov, the alarm "generator" lit up on the emergency mode display, and after 12 seconds – "Fire".

He set the engine control knob in the "Low gas" position, then turned off the engine by setting the engine control knob to "Stop", turned off the fire crane, and activated the fire protection system. At the 17th minute of the flight at an altitude of 1175 m and a speed of 290 km/h, at the command of the flight director, M. G. Churbakov ejected. The plane completely collapsed when it fell.

According to the conclusion of the commission of the Commander of the Air Force of the Northern Command of the Military District with the participation of specialists of the military unit 75360, the most likely cause of the flight accident on August 16, 1991, was the shutdown of the aircraft engine by M. G. Churbakov due to actions unforeseen by the flight task with the equipment of the aircraft cabin, i.e. turning off the engine by pressing the "Engine Stop" switch.

The most probable cause of the flight accident on August 28, 1991 was the deliberate actions of M. G. Churbakov by simulating a generator failure, triggering a fire alarm and a false report to the flight manager about the occurrence of an emergency situation, followed by turning off the serviceable engine and ejecting. In both cases, the commission's conclusions are based on the results of a study of the equipment preserved after the aircraft.

However, M. G. Churbakov, who was interrogated as a witness, explained that during the flights on August 16 and 28, 1991, he did not perform any manipulations with the equipment that could lead to engine shutdown, simulation of generator failure, and fire. During the flight on August 28, 1991, when exiting the spiral, I noticed a ball on the right that was rapidly approaching the plane, my eyes watered and he lowered his head to the left down. I felt a warmth in the back of my head, an incomprehensible fear appeared.

Raising his head, to the right, in the direction of the ball, he was afraid to look. On the emergency display, the signals of generator failure, fire lit up, I noticed a plume of smoke behind the plane, there was smoke in the cockpit. He carried out fire extinguishing measures and ejected from the ground on command. On the initiative of the command of the military unit 06920 Churbakov M. G. consulted by specialists: The Council of the Association for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena "Soyuzufocenter", the Commission of the Geographical Society of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Leningrad Aerospace Center "Ecos-Conversion", the Military Medical Academy named after Kirov, with the involvement of the director of the Institute of Injuries after Contact with abnormal Phenomena (USA).

After a session of retrospective hypnosis, the commission came to the conclusion that M. G. Churbakov really had a contact that affected both the pilot and the aircraft equipment. According to the conclusion of the commission of the Association "Soyuzufocenter", agreed with the president of the All-Union Ufological Association, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR Popovich P. R., during contacts, UFOs have a variety of effects on people and equipment.

The most characteristic is the impact on electrical equipment, as a rule, it is switched off. When exposed to a person, first of all, there is a lesion of the visual organs (temporary blindness, pain in the eyes, lacrimation). During the flights on August 16 and 28, 1991, in the actions of M. G. Churbakov. there were no elements of deviation from the psychophysical norm and similar behavior.

The impact of an unidentified flying object on the aircraft is not excluded, since the area of the city of Salsk, Rostov region (the flight zone of the Zernograd airfield) is marked by increased activity of UFO sightings. From the testimony of witnesses Slyusarov N. P., Poshkovets G. I., Andreeva N. I., Evgrafova V. E., Pashkovets M. N., and other residents of the Tselinsky district of the Rostov region, it is clear that at different times they observed glowing balls of unknown origin near the aerobatic zone No. 3.

The analysis of the conducted evidence allows us to conclude that the imitation of failures of aviation equipment, a fire during the flights of M. G. Churbakov on August 16 and 28, 1991 occurred outside of his will and desire, therefore there are no signs of violation of flight rules in the actions of M. G. Churbakov and the criminal case against him is subject to termination for the absence of a crime.

On the basis of the above, guided by articles 201 and 209 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR, I decided:

  • 1. To terminate the criminal case against Maxim Gennadyevich Churbakov on the basis of Article 5, paragraph 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR for the absence of elements of a crime in his actions.

  • 2. Notify interested persons about the termination of the criminal case, explaining to them the right and procedure for appealing this decision.

  • 3. Send a copy of the resolution to the military prosecutor of the Rostov garrison. Senior investigator of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Rostov garrison, Captain of Justice /Signature/ A.V. Musienko Package of documents on the incident:

1.Certificate of forced abandonment of the aircraft by ejection method from the commander V. h. 06920 V.Valova, 10.01.1992

2.Resolution on the termination of the criminal case from the senior military investigator of the military Prosecutor's Office, Captain of Justice A.V. Musienko, 20.12.1991

3.Certificate of psychiatric examination with the use of regression from R. Leybou, 22.10.1991

4.Reference from NATO General (USA) A. N. Stebhebing, 22.10.1991

5.Conclusion of the Soyuzufocenter Commission from D. N. Dubman, A. T. Belokon, A. I. Kolokchi, A. A. Nemtsova 6. Clipping from the newspaper "Red Banner" — " I turn away from the city, I catapult...", E. Prokofiev, 27.08.1991

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