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The CIA declassified data on a UFO encounter in Kazakhstan

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The CIA declassified data on a UFO encounter in Kazakhstan

A declassified CIA report reports on an alleged UFO encounter that occurred at the height of the Cold War in Kazakhstan in 1973.

The heavily edited declassified version of the document contains only one paragraph describing in detail the collision with a UFO in a place called Site 7 ("The Seventh site") near the Sary-Shagan testing range. It reports about witnesses who " went out to get some fresh air during a sports match between the USSR and Canada and noticed an unidentified bright green round object hanging at the cloud level."

Within 10-15 seconds, the green circle expanded, and in a short period of time, several green concentric circles formed around the mass. After a few minutes, everything disappeared. There were no sounds, such as an explosion, associated with this phenomenon

the eyewitness's descriptions are given in the document:

According to the document, the events took place near the Sary-Shagan test site, which was allegedly used by the USSR at that time for the "secret launch of experimental missiles and testing of laser weapons systems using powerful antennas."

"According to rumors, experiments with laser weapons were conducted in an unknown place at the training ground. Presumably, the tests were carried out using powerful antennas," the report notes.

On the "Seventh site", where the UFO was observed, the headquarters of the "warhead verification unit" and the garrison of the personnel of the USSR Air Force was located, the newspaper writes.

Researcher John Greenwald of The Black Vault, a website specializing in declassified government records, suggests that the article was written in the context of a detailed intelligence report on military operations at the Sary - Shagan testing range. A more detailed file released by the CIA later describes the actions at the site, including approximate maps of objects, the hierarchy of the command of the testing range, and the personnel assessment, the publication notes.

A map of the Sary-Shagan sites included in a more detailed CIA report.

This observation describes only one of the many collisions with unidentified aerial phenomena that surrounded Soviet military facilities during the Cold War era. Similar phenomena are registered today by the US military.

Sary-Shagan is an active military training ground located to the northwest and west of Lake Balkhash in the territories of the Karaganda and Zhambyl regions. Leased by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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