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The case of the escort of the plane by three UFOs in Zihuatanejo

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The case of the escort of an airplane by three UFOs in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, May 3, 1975.

At 10:30, Carlos Antonio de Los Santos Montiel, a 23-year-old pilot, took off in his light-engine Piper PA-24 Comanche from the city of Zihuatanejo to Mexico City. It was overcast and had poor visibility, and he climbed on his plane to an altitude of 4300 meters, where there was a clear sky. At about 12: 30, he noticed something to his right and was shocked to see an object that looked like two plates connected together along the edge with a dome that had something like a windshield. It was located at a distance of 20 cm above the right-wing and about one and a half meters from the cockpit. After a few seconds, he noticed that the second such object was located about 20 cm above the left-wing. He was shocked and couldn't believe what he was seeing. Suddenly, he discovered a third object, moving quickly and located in front of the cabin. For a moment, he thought that he was about to crash into it, but it descended at an angle of 45 degrees and with a loud bang hit the lower part of the plane.


Carlos noticed that his speed had slowed down. He tried to dodge to the left, trying to "push" objects away from his plane, but the controls were not functioning. The plane maintained its original course but gained altitude, and Carlos was afraid to climb even higher because the cabin was not airtight. He contacted the Air Traffic Control Center and told them what was happening, but the Center did not respond to him, and this increased his fear. He thought that perhaps they did not believe him and did not answer. Perhaps his radio does not work, or these objects prevent him from working.

An interesting case described by a pilot who was chased by three flying saucers. They were just mocking him!

Since he was sure that the third object was under the fuselage of the aircraft, he decided to lower the landing gear in the hope of "pushing" the object away from the aircraft, if possible, and find out if the landing gear was damaged. The landing gear did not come out, there was no light indication on the dashboard and the emergency lever did not work, which meant that the object prevented the landing gear from lowering. He tried to contact the Mexico City Center again and informed them that unknown forces were interfering with the control of the plane and control over it was lost. After a while, the center responded and called another small plane belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, which was flying in the vicinity of Carlos ' location.

The pilot was asked if he had visual contact with Carlos ' plane to confirm what he had told him. After a long silence, the pilot confirmed that in fact three objects were "attached" to the plane. Shortly after that, and after Carlos ' plane accompanied these unknown objects for 18 minutes, when it flew up to the Ajusco mountain range and almost flew over the city of Tlalpan, they suddenly left the plane at high speed in the direction of the Popocatepetl volcano. Carlos did not see them again and regained control of his plane. When the objects were flying away, two radars at Benito Juarez International Airport recorded three flying objects around his ship, making turns within a radius of 5-7km.

three flying saucers.

After gaining control of his plane, Carlos informed the operators that his landing gear was not being released due to a collision with a third object. At that moment, the Mexico City International Airport closed the runways to traffic and prepared for the expected emergency landing. He was forced to fly around the airport 11 times. As a result, he was forced to get a large screwdriver and use it as an improvised lever to lower the chassis.

Finally, after 40 minutes, he successfully landed the plane in the grass between two runways. He was immediately taken to the airport clinic for examination. Carlos showed no signs of substances that could change a perception or provoke hallucinations. After much thought, the doctor confirmed his normal state of health and allowed him to continue the flight.

 An interesting case described by a pilot who was chased by three flying saucers. They were just mocking him!

Carlos studied at the National University of Mexico. He could not confuse the objects with a balloon or with anything else. He described the objects as follows: "They had the shape of an oval disk with a dome, about three to four meters in length without antennas, had a dull gray fuselage, and a kind of windshield that did not seem transparent. The outer shell was completely smooth and without rivets, the material was not as reflective as ordinary polished metal, despite the bright sunlight.

" Several UFO researchers from Mexico and the United States, who were assigned to investigate the incident with Carlos de Los Santos, came to the conclusion that he was "a completely normal young man, clearly frightened by something unusual that occurred in flight."

UFO sketches

The drawings show sketches made by Carlos and a model that depicts a UFO in three-dimensional form. The photo was taken after the incident.

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