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The Buff Ledge Abduction - Buff Ledge UFO Alien Abductions and Encounters

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The Buff Ledge Abduction - Buff Ledge UFO Alien Abductions and Encounters

August 7, 1968 - 7 years after the sensational kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill, a new case occurred, this time in New England"Buff Ledge" - a children's camp in Vermont has become the site of the appearance of four UFOs. They drew incredible aerial maneuvers and changed the lives of at least two young people. 

abductions in the Buff Ledge

This camp was narrowly specialized - for girls. It was located on Lake Champlain. Sixteen-year-old Michael Lapp, a part-time maintenance worker, and nineteen-year-old Janet Cornell, a jet ski instructor, were relaxing on a boat in the middle of the lake. 

That August, most of the students went to Burlington for a swimming competition, and so the camp was almost deserted. In the afternoon, the friends took a boat and decided to enjoy the sunset view over the water. A bright light lit up the dark sky. Michael thought they were happy spectators of the planet Venus, which was huge in size. But then the lights began to grow larger, and get closer to Michael and Janet. As they approached, the round shape of the strange object began to appear.

Wow! Venus is falling!

the young man shouted.

The boys watched intently, and it seemed as if three smaller fires had fallen out of one large one and were beginning to move across the water. At the same time, the largest object quickly rose up and disappeared from view. It is safe to say that the objects were managed consciously and by someone. Michael and Janet were watching a strange UFO show. The three objects zigzagged, looped, and rose and fell like falling leaves. The objects approached the terrified teenagers and formed a triangle around their boat. Michael later recalled the sound the objects made: "like a thousand tuning forks."

Buff Ledge Camp - abductions of aliens case

One of the UFOs approached the guys, then suddenly soared up and disappeared into the sky for a moment. After a while, he reappeared and fell right into the lake. After a couple of minutes, he emerged from the water and began to glide across the water surface directly to the boat with the teenagers.

The flying object was so close that the children were able to see a transparent dome, through which two creatures that looked like children were clearly visible. Michael said they had elongated necks and large hairless heads. The creatures had huge eyes.

Michael felt the telepathic influence from the aliens in the UFO. Staring intently at the newcomers, the guy slapped his knee, what was his surprise when one of the passengers repeated his movement as if imitating him.

Next, the aircraft took a position directly above the teenagers and sent a bright beam of light at the guy and the girl. Michael grabbed her shoulder, clearly feeling the threat of kidnapping.

We don't want to go with you.

Teen remembers screaming:

The beam was so bright that the boys could see each other's bones as if they were on an X-ray. Later, they recalled that the beam was "liquid", which created a feeling of free-floating.

His next conscious thought was to force himself to raise his eyes and look directly at the object. Michael, not understanding anything, stared at the absolutely dark sky, there were no UFOs, only in the distance, something flashed several times, and then completely disappeared. How much time had passed – the boy did not understand. His girlfriend was in a trance state, looking sleepy and disoriented. At this time, the teenagers heard the welcoming remarks of the guys who returned from the competition from Burlington.

The Buff Ledge Abduction

Oddly enough, Michael and Janet did not discuss what had happened that night, or for the next few weeks. They probably thought it was a mirage or some other optical illusion that they had seen on the lake. After working at the summer camp, Michael and Janet parted ways.

For the next five years, he rarely thought about the incident until the nightmares came. He dreamed of being abducted, of being lifted aboard an alien ship against his will. For ten years, he alone struggled with nighttime torturous dreams, but still turned to the UFO Research Center, and began to look for answers to all his questions.

In this case, the investigator Walter Webb was appointed, it was he who, after a conversation with the young man, offered him a session of regressive hypnosis. According to the expert, this method was supposed to save the man from emotional struggle and frightening dreams.

Ronald Story is a hypnosis specialist who worked with Michael. In this state, the abductee easily recalled the details of that ill-fated evening in August 1968. He told how a beam of light lifted him aboard an alien ship. He went into the big machine and found Janet lying on the table. Small creatures bent over her, shining their light into her eyes, taking scraps of skin and secretions. All the aliens looked the same: they had large eyes, a mouth without lips, no ears either, and two holes instead of a nose. Michael remembered that each alien had three long, sharp fingers on each hand. Their skin felt clammy and wet to the touch. The creatures explained to the guy that they were trying to create a human race on other planets, and that was why they needed the biomaterial.

The Buff Ledge ufo invasion aliens

Later, Janet was also hypnotized, and her story fully confirmed everything Michael said. She remembered that the aliens were "cold", they pulled her hair and pinched her neck. The abduction of Lep and Cornel falls under the general descriptions of other cases of abduction. To confirm this incident, Webb found other witnesses from the summer camp who saw strange lights on the night of the abduction. Two employees said that they watched UFOs hovering over the lake for 20 minutes.

Despite the fact that Michael and Janet hid this story for 10 years, this is one of the most studied and documented facts of alien abduction.

Source of inspiration: B. J. Booth.

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