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The Belgian UFO wave of 1989 - triangular UFO

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The Belgian  UFO wave of 1989 - triangular UFO

The 1989 Belgian UFO wave, which covered all of Belgium between November 1989 and April 1991. It is one of the most remarkable moments in the history of UFOs. Moreover, these UFO sightings lead to more than 2,000 reported UFO incidents. Most of them are meticulously detailed and recorded. By the way, 500 documented cases remained unexplained.

Everything about the Belgian UFO wave suggests legitimate sightings of something completely unknown. So much so that the authorities themselves will insist on such thorough investigations. Indeed, the Belgian authorities have made it abundantly clear that the population will act and has acted with calm and rational foresight. In the face of events of completely irrational and bizarre objects.

The final decision of the authorities indicates a phenomenon that desperately requires further investigation. And this particular wave of observations will provide tangible if small, evidence. Not only in support of her own claims, but also of other observations around the planet. Before we take a closer look at some of the observations, check out the video below. This rare video from 1989 shows a rare shot of a triangular device of unknown origin.

As in the case of the Cosford incident three years later, the final decision of the authorities indicates a phenomenon that desperately requires further investigation. And this particular wave of observations will provide tangible if small, evidence not only to support her own claims but also other observations around the planet. Before we take a closer look at some of the observations, check out the video below. 


On November 29, 1989, in the city of Eupen, the patrol police reported to the switchboard operator Albert Kreutz. That a huge flying object was hovering over the field in front of them. According to their report, it was "so bright that it lit up the field like a football stadium." Kreuz, given that Christmas was approaching, returned with a joke: "it could be Saint Nick." However, the officers on the spot encouraged him to go up to the top floor of the building and look out the window to see for himself. Once there, he was able to see a giant ship "like a boat floating in the sky."

By the time Kreutz returned to his place at the switchboard, residents were flooding the system with calls from a strange, bright object. When a police officer Dieter Plumanns and his partner reported visual contact with the ship, Kreuz told him to follow him. So they did for a few minutes until the car stopped and the UFO hovered over the nursing home. Eyewitnesses watched the strange scene unfold in front of them. The object was a clear triangle with three orange-brown lights in each corner. In the middle of the underside was a bright red light that flashed at regular intervals.

By the beginning of December, the observations had become not only national news but also the world press. All described the same object-a triangle with three orange lights and medium red light. By the evening of December 11, there was another spike in observations. One of these observations took place in the sky above Ernage.

In the Belgian UFO wave of 1989, experienced army Colonel Andre Amond was a witness. On the way to the train station to pick up my son. Andre Amond and his wife noticed three bright lights arranged in a triangle with a pulsing red light between them. Amond stopped the car to get a better view of the object. At the same time, the triangular ship also slowed down. He repeated this several times, and each time the ship slowed down with him. Then he got scared and drove to the nearby forest.

Amond stopped the car and went out to look at the UFO, near an open field. A giant object, brightly lit, appeared from behind the trees. Amond reported hearing other trains nearby, but there was no sound from this huge ship. Just as he was about to leave, the ship sped away. Later Amond will say:

No artificial object is capable of doing what I saw that day. Not then, not now.

Colonel Amond.

Many residents of Liege and Namur reported seeing a triangular ship over their homes. One man in Jupille — sur — Meuse claimed to have seen a glowing object over a nearby forest "trying to free itself" from a spruce tree. Further observations will continue in the airspace of Belgium. By 21 December 1989, official reporting procedures had been made available to the public.

The Belgian UFO wave of 1989, although it did not immediately become public. In July 1990, at a NATO press conference, it was revealed that the F-16 fighters were launched on March 30 of the same year. Major General Wilfred de Brauer will tell the press about the flight of one of the F-16s. At one point, the triangular vessel was moving at a speed of more than 2,000 kilometers per hour. In addition, he spoke about the possibility of this UFO, to reach a speed of 200 to 1,000 kilometers per hour in a matter of seconds!

One of the pilots that night was Yves Mellberg. Due to a malfunction of other F-16 aircraft, he took to the air. Melberg himself stated many years later:

There was something in the sky that night! And this is far beyond our understanding. We are clearly not alone on this planet

Yves Mellberg.

Observations continued in abundance until late spring 1991. Then, as quickly as they had begun, they stopped. However, before they did. An unsuspecting witness will take a photo that may turn out to be one of the most important in the history of UFOs.

The evening of April 4, 1991, can be very important for UFO researchers, and for anyone who is looking for the truth in such phenomena. In the evening, while walking the dog, a young woman noticed one of the strange triangles above her head. She quickly returned home, informing her boyfriend, who grabbed the camera and went outside. There are only two frames left on the film. He leaned against the wall of the house to stop his hand from shaking and pressed the button twice. After its final shooting, one frame was empty. The other was surprisingly crystal clear.

Belgium UFO wave

What was witnessed by thousands of people during the surge of sightings over Belgium? There is no doubt that someone used to access Belgian airspace. Did they come here from another world? Maybe it was another dimension? Or were these ships and the wave of sightings tests of top-secret machines by shadow governments? Although this is also possible, the question arises as to why such secret tests are conducted in a densely populated area.

Sightings of such triangular UFOs were largely unknown before the famous sightings over Belgium. This also suggests that they were genuine. The precise details presented by numerous witnesses were too precise in their distinction to be extracted from the cultural collective notion of UFOs.

The Belgian UFO wave of 1989 and the early ' 90s is certainly a unique moment in our history. Whether we will see another similar episode, only time will tell.

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