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TR3B - military aircraft or UFO?

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Space? Aliens? "TR3B" - secret plane or UFO?

With the exception of the flying disk, the triangular ship is one of the most common forms of UFO sightings in the sky. Some believe that it is a space alien ship. Or a top-secret US military aircraft was known as the "TR3B Astra", "TR - 3 Black Manta" or simply "TR3B" for short.

Triangular UFOs made headlines in 1989. In the same year, a wave of observations began in Belgium, which lasted until 1992. Among the observers were dozens of credible witnesses, including law enforcement officials. Major news outlets covered the story, which is strange even today. Even prime-time documentary shows like "Unsolved Mysteries" were involved in the action.

The Belgian UFO wave was not the end of triangular UFOs. It seemed that triangular "TR3B" appeared everywhere on the planet.

T3RB was also recorded during other observations recorded between 2000 and 2018. What we do know is that these observations were made all over Europe and the United States. For more than 30 years.

The range and time frame of these observations provide some important differences. It is fair to say that these sightings took place for different objects, and it is unlikely that this will be some kind of broad hoax. Although UFO sightings here and there may turn out to be fake, there are some facts that simply cannot be ignored. At the same time, there is also no convincing evidence that triangular UFOs are manufactured and controlled by aliens.

The "TR3B" may be a US military aircraft that does not officially exist. The link between UFO sightings and top-secret military aircraft goes hand in hand. The triangular UFO may actually be a top-secret reconnaissance plane. Built by the US military under the name "TR-3 Black Manta", or "TR3B Astra".

Officially, "TR3B" does not exist. This is interesting, but in fact, there is a 2004 patent for a triangular spacecraft. The image from the patent application looks almost exactly the same as the photos of the spacecraft "TR3B" taken by eyewitnesses. Sources claim that the "TR3B Astra" is a nuclear aircraft developed as part of the "Aurora" program.

Application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, dated December 20, 2004.

The aircraft uses stealth and propulsion technologies that can be traced back to the 1980s. However, these technologies have not become public. Presumably, the ship uses a propulsion system based on rapidly rotating mercury plasma. Although some call it anti-gravity. But this is more like how modern gyroscopes can compensate for weight by maintaining a large angular momentum.

In the world of ufology, experimental aircraft are UFOs, to the typical observer. The "TR3B Astra" can be a perfect example of this phenomenon. However, it is impossible to claim that all observations are triangular UFOs. Since the 1980s, it can be attributed to one top-secret aircraft. Is it possible that colleagues in Europe could be working on the same technology as the US? This, of course, explains the Belgian wave of observations that started it all.

Another application, to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, dated May 9, 2002.

But the worst possibility is that these are not alien ships. The fact that the competing countries were able to circumvent each other in technology. And now they fly freely all over the planet. We must also consider that there is probably an extraterrestrial component. Even if "TR3B" is human-made, there are claims that it contains recovered alien technology.

This is the case with top-secret black budget projects. The secrecy surrounding "TR3B" creates fertile ground for conspiracy theorists. And it's also the military's best weapon to keep it a secret. Observations of triangular UFOs continue to this day. And there is no indication that it will stop in the near future.

You have a unique opportunity to study these documents yourself.

We also want to note that many people believe that the presence of a patent explains the presence of this strange aircraft. But this is not quite right. first, the patent appeared in the early 2000s. Which no longer corresponds to the date of the UFO wave in Belgium.
The second point worth mentioning is that a patent is not a ready-made invention. This is a set of ideas and developments, not a finished product. For one of these, we suggest looking at the link at the end of the article. In this regard, secrets are only getting bigger.

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Patent of 2002.

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Patent of 2004.

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