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On this page, you can search by tags if you are not comfortable using the classic search at the right part of the web-site. Here are the results:

Unusual footprints on ancient objects that are difficult to find a simple explanation

Unusual footprints on ancient objects that are difficult to find a simple explanation for

On the surface of some megaliths or mysterious objects located all over the earth, you can find very interesting traces. But the most striking thing is that many tracks are very similar to each other despite the difference in distance of thousands of kilometers.

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Modern technologies in old fairy tales. Or maybe everything has already happened?

Modern technologies in old fairy tales. Maybe everything has already happened?

Only in the 18th century, serious attempts were made to systematize folk art and transform it into a written source of useful knowledge. The video will not leave indifferent those who agree with the position that there was a technically advanced civilization before us, the remains of which are captured in fairy tales, as well as those who do not agree with this.

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Nefelims - giants of the past. Guns of giants

Giant's guns of the past centuries

This video is indirect proof of the existence of giants, according to the author. In the video, you can see Museum exhibits and samples of giant weapons with explanations. Everything is done exclusively for educational purposes.

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Why are the aliens in no hurry to "establish" communication with earthlings

Why are the aliens in no hurry to

Italian physicist Enrico Fermi created the world's first nuclear reactor, but it was not this achievement that allowed him to leave his mark on history. During a conversation with colleagues in 1950, he launched a discussion about the reasons for the paradox: why for so many years humanity has not encountered extraterrestrials, although intelligent life absolutely exists somewhere in the Universe. The result was a Fermi paradox that made the researcher famous. He asked his colleagues why humanity has not found convincing evidence of the presence of aliens on Earth.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Analysis of a UFO photo. An interesting approach

UFO photo AnalysisA fairly detailed approach in the analysis. Can you tell if there's a UFO in front of us?

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