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Collection of 2021 UFO sightings in Russia

Collection of 2021 UFO sightings

These few UFO sightings videos will be of interest to those looking for evidence of UFOs with plasma balls. Here are collected the most vivid and real cases.

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UFO sightings in Ancient Egypt? The Mystery of the Tully Papyrus

UFO sightings in Ancient Egypt? The Mystery of the Tully Papyrus

In various cultures and eras of history, there are many records of UFO phenomena. The first was recorded in an Egyptian document that is known to ufologists under the name Papyrus Tully which is considered a genuine treasure, as it can tell us about the observations of extraterrestrials.

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This is where the "aliens" landed. What are the mysterious crop circles really hiding?

This is where the

Gerard Benoit suddenly became famous all over the neighborhood. Early on the morning of July 5, 2020, when he went out to his field near the town of Vimy in the far north of the country, he found that it was hopelessly damaged. A little later, with the help of a drone, it turned out that the areas of crushed wheat form a giant pattern — a Templar cross.

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