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On this page, you can search by tags if you are not comfortable using the classic search at the right part of the web-site. Here are the results:

Undeclared War: UFOs against the USSR

Undeclared War: UFOs vs USSR

The first official legal confirmation of their existence in the history of UFO studies was made in the USSR by the Board of the Military Tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District.

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Interview with an alien. Part 3. Final

Interview with an alien. Part 3

And we continue the story of a visitor to our site about a conversation with aliens.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Atlantis: The Story of a Lost Civilization

Atlantis: The Story of a lost CivilizationPerhaps one of the most famous myths is the myth of Atlantis-an island that was buried under the depths of the sea thousands of years ago. Did it really exist?

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