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How the US Navy picked up alien signals?

How the US Navy picked up alien signals: the Forgotten story of a century ago

The discovery of radio waves and the first experiments in the field of radio communication allowed humanity to step far ahead. It turned out that there is a special kind of matter that does not need a substance to propagate — this is an electromagnetic field, whose perturbations are called waves. How did they try to catch signals from aliens for 100 years?

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3 facts about the mysterious Anunnaki

Three facts about the mysterious AnunnakiWhat do we know about the Anunnaki? Yes, almost nothing. In addition to what is written in ancient Sumerian texts. Yes, they give a lot of mysterious details. However, they usually do not answer any questions. And they create even more of them. In this article, we will look at three of the most mysterious facts about the mysterious Anunnaki.

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