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UFO disclosure. Aliens against nuclear weapons

UFO disclosure. Aliens against nuclear weapons

The title of the article is not a joke, there is a real reason for studying this phenomenon, which is what the United States is doing, regardless of whether they officially recognize these facts or not.

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UFO sightings near a nuclear weapons test site

UFO near a nuclear weapons test site

This secret two-page report details sightings on July 15, 1960, of an unidentified flying object UFO near Wewak, a nuclear weapons test site, about 24 km from the village of Maraling in South Australia. The report was published on July 24, 1960, by security officer J. A. Hanlon.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Debunking Skinny Bob

Debunking Skinny BobIt's hard to find anyone interested in the grey alien phenomenon who hasn't seen the Skinny Bob video. However, the debate about the veracity of this footage still excites the minds of mankind.

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