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An Extraterrestrial Civilization prevented a Nuclear War in 1967. Is it possible?

In 1967, an unidentified object disabled the possibility of launching nuclear missiles in the United States

On March 15, 1967, a resident of Soviet intelligence from the United States sent a telegram to the Kremlin with a note that the United States was preparing a nuclear bombing of Vietnam. At exactly 4 a.m. on March 16, 1967, 10 Minuteman missiles with nuclear warheads were to launch from Malmstrom Air Base at once...

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How a UFO over the Soviet Carpathian region almost unleashed a nuclear war?

How a UFO over the Soviet Carpathian region almost unleashed a nuclear war?

At the end of the XX century, the world was gripped by a real UFO mania. Strange lights and glowing objects appeared in the skies above American cities, NATO submarines hunted unknown and elusive Quakers in the oceans, sincerely believing that the Russians were to blame, and astronauts reported on strange objects observed in the portholes of space stations.

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THE MYSTERY OF  BULGARIAN TETRAHEDRAIn November 1967, many unidentified objects of various shapes were flying over Eastern Europe. On November 21, the Zuddeutsche Zeitung newspaper published an article by its own correspondent from Belgrade...

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