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A Chinese spacecraft has discovered a verst column on the Moon

A Chinese spacecraft has discovered a verst column on the Moon

A Chinese lunar rover has discovered a stone of an unusual shape, possibly a fragment of a meteorite.

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NSA Report. Declassified UFO sightings by air forces, 1955

NSA Report. Declassified UFO sightings by air forces, 1955

This document describes electronic contact with an unknown aircraft in the Devon Island area. First, on June 1, with an RB-47 Stratojet. The APG-32 radar received information about the presence of another radar nearby for 20 minutes, but there was no visual contact. When flying over from the other side of the area, the contact was repeated for 30 minutes, again without visual confirmation. To swell this the exact coordinates of the event.

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Unidentified Flying Objects Reported over Angola - December 23, 1966 - NSA report

NSA report about sightings of two flying saucers in Angola

Over the weekend of December 10 (1966), the Luanda press reported the possible sightings of two flyings saucers

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NSA Report. 1976 Tehran UFO incident.

Report number 6 646 0139 76. 19 & 20 sep 76, Tehran, Iran

This report forwards information concerning the sightings of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976. The 1976 Tehran UFO incident was a case of an unidentified flying object (UFO) being observed, visually and using radar, in the Iranian capital of Tehran in the early morning of September 19, 1976. The incident is notable for the fact that radio-electronic interference was observed near the object: two f-4 Phantom II interceptors lost communication, the onboard equipment failed when they approached the object, and one of the aircraft's gun systems temporarily failed.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

The 1965 Valensole UFO Encounter

The 1965 Valensole UFO EncounterThis incident occurred on July 1, 1965, when Maurice Mass, the owner of a farm in southern Provence, saw something strange in a lavender field.

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