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Chile bizarre UFO incident with a fallen aircraft,1998

A bizarre incident with a fallen UFO in Chile, 1998

It began on a clear day on October 7, 1998, in the small Chilean village of Paihuano, Elqui province. Several local residents saw a bright orange-gold metal cylinder in the sky, about 15 meters wide. The object hovered over the hill of Las Mollacas and shone brightly in the sunlight.

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The history of robots. The Guardians of the Buddha

The history of robots. The Guardians of the BuddhaThe Oxford Dictionary gives a very concise definition of the word ROBOT - an automaton that gives the impression of human work by its actions. Of course, the very concept of an artificial device that simulates the actions and, possibly, a person's appearance is quite old. It has been actively developed in many cultures and countries of the world, preserved to this day mainly in legends and legends. Ancient robots also appear in works of Eastern literature, for example, in Buddhist legends, which are set in India during the time of the real historical kings Ajatashatru and Ashoka.

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