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Complex aggregates are hidden inside the Moon! Facts that cast doubt on official science

The moon inside is

By 2021, many versions of the appearance of our satellite have accumulated, many of which can be called fantastic. Most modern scientists adhere to the version that the Moon occurred as a result of the collision of the Earth with an unknown body, because of which a huge piece broke off from our planet, which became our satellite.

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UFO base in the Volga region

UFO base in the Volga regionIn the steppes of the Volga region, near the city of Zhirnovsk, there is a place recognized as one of the most mysterious anomalous places in Russia. This is the so-called Medveditskaya Ridge. Since ancient times, this place is called cursed. Legends about the oddities of this area are legends, but you can still verify their truthfulness at the present time. UFOs in the form of triangles are commonplace here, as are the traces of their landings in the fields.

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