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On this page, you can search by tags if you are not comfortable using the classic search at the right part of the web-site. Here are the results:

The last alien base. How aliens were hidden all over the world

The last alien base. How aliens were hidden all over the world

Who lies in African mass graves, in Tibet and Egypt, and why the Swedish expedition is still silent about the results of the genetic examination of the dead bodies of aliens found in Rwanda.

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Stone disks found in Chinese mine. Flying saucers?

Flying saucers found in Chinese mine

In the village of Huanggu, Jiangxi Province, while clearing a site for a coal mine, workers discovered a strange stone block - a disk with a small bulge in the middle. They began to dig further

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The Dropa Stone Discs

The Dropa Stone Discs - non-human elements

The little-known mountains in China, called Bayan-Kara-Ula, could hardly have become famous if not for the expedition in 1938. Under the leadership of Dr. Chi Pu Tei, research was conducted, which resulted in the discovery of tombs of unknown creatures and disks on which ancient texts were applied as on records…

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Legends of six-fingered aliens

Legends of six-fingered aliensSheaves of light plunged into the lake, and then rose high into the sky - the Indians passed this legend from generation to generation. Traces found in the caves of a remote area of Brazil strangely confirm the legend of six-fingered undersized aliens.

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