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The US Coast Guards encounter with UFOs in 1988

The US Coast Guard's encounter with UFOs in 1988

In the evening of 1988, Sheila Baker and her children were driving along the shore of Lake Erie. At 6:30 p.m., all their attention was absorbed by a large bright object hovering over the lake. Bright lights shone at each end of it...

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What is written in the mysterious Voynich manuscript?

The most mysterious book in the world: what is written in the Voynich manuscript? You can read it and download online

The interpretation of the meaning of the Voynich manuscript has been struggling for more than a century. Scientists still managed to decipher something. In this article you will be able to get acquainted with the theories about the decryption of the Voynich manuscript, as well as read it online and download

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Russian secret alien races book

Russian Secret alien races book

This is quite an interesting material containing information about the races of aliens and UFOs. How authentic is this book? I can't judge

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

UFO sightings in Argentina in the sixties of the twentieth century

UFO sightings in Argentina - analysisThe picture presented in the article is not widely known on the Internet, but this does not detract from its importance for us as researchers. Besides, he has a backstory.

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