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What is written in the mysterious Voynich manuscript?

The most mysterious book in the world: what is written in the Voynich manuscript? You can read it and download online

The interpretation of the meaning of the Voynich manuscript has been struggling for more than a century. Scientists still managed to decipher something. In this article you will be able to get acquainted with the theories about the decryption of the Voynich manuscript, as well as read it online and download

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I was abducted by aliens. Scientists acquitted flying saucer witnesses

I was abducted by aliens. Scientists acquitted flying saucer witnesses36 percent believe in aliens. At the same time, a quarter believes that they periodically visit the Earth, but hide from people. And although no obvious traces of aliens were found, there is an opinion that at least some of the stories are true. How to search for rational explanations of the supernatural

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