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3 facts about the mysterious Anunnaki

Three facts about the mysterious Anunnaki

What do we know about the Anunnaki? Yes, almost nothing. In addition to what is written in ancient Sumerian texts. Yes, they give a lot of mysterious details. However, they usually do not answer any questions. And they create even more of them. In this article, we will look at three of the most mysterious facts about the mysterious Anunnaki.

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Zimbabwe UFO landing incident - Mass contact with children in Zimbabwe, 1994

Zimbabwe UFO landing incident - Mass contact with children in Zimbabwe, 1994

A case that occurred in faraway Africa, namely Zimbabwe. On Friday, September 16, 1994, at about 10.15 am local time, students (a total of 62 witnesses) noticed 3 shiny balls in the sky.

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Skinwalker Ranch Utah

Hell's skinwalker ranch

The history of the anomalous zone, located in the vicinity Of the skinwalker ranch, became known largely thanks to the hotel and aerospace entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow, who owns the Budget Suites of America hotel chain and the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, a space tourism company.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Anomalies of ancient knowledge that shouldn't exist

Anomalies of ancient knowledge that shouldn't existThe latest scientific data confirms the reality of the seemingly fictional details of ancient geographical maps. But this reality is sometimes removed from us by at least 100 thousand, or even millions of years. This makes it possible to suspect the existence of non-human or timeless channels of information transmission.

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