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The Mystery of the Phaistos Disk

The Mystery of the Phaistos Disk

There are many mysteries and mysteries associated with world archaeology. And not always these mysteries lie on the surface and are as huge as the Egyptian pyramids. Sometimes they can easily fit in; I am in the hands of man, but many centuries and millennia are hidden in the ground. Until the archaeologists bring them to light.

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The Truth about the Bermuda Triangle: Mysterious disappearances debunked

The Truth about the Bermuda Triangle: Mysterious disappearances debunked

The weirdness of the Bermuda Triangle is described by various theories, and among them, there are quite scientific hypotheses. They prove that nothing abnormal happens in the Bermuda Triangle, everything is understandable. An interesting fact, which is kept silent, creating an aura of romanticism around the Bermuda Triangle-ships and planes disappear not in the triangle itself, but next to it.

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Blue Beam project - alien invasion and new Messiah?

New world order and fake invesion with holograms

Destruction of old paradigms. The artificial creation of crises and cataclysms. A simulated alien invasion and the coming salvation of the new Messiah. Control over every person in the world. All these are the ideas of the Blue Beam project...

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