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Top 10 proofs of alien existence in Area 51

Top 10 proofs of alien existence in Area 51

One of the most secret and mysterious sites in the United States of America and possibly in the world is Area 51 – an American military base located about 130 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas. There are many claims that there is an underground facility in Area 51 where the reverse engineering of spaceships that supposedly belong to extraterrestrials is carried out.

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Bob Lazar documentary - Legendary Bob Lazar gave a new interview

Bob Lazar documentary - After 30 years, they are still watching me

After 30 years, they're still watching me...Interesting stuff about Bob Lazar and anyone interested in area 51. Lazar worked at the Los Alamos research facility and later at a base near Area 51, and according to him personally participated in the development of gravity engines based on technologies derived from alien ships.

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UFO dots and their analysis. Difficult case, but everything is possible

UFO dots and their analysis. UFO sightings in the sky

The most difficult thing in the examination of ufo videos is glowing balls or dots in the distance. in this video, we will use examples to show what aspects we pay attention to when inspecting the video footage

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