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Debunking Skinny Bob

Debunking Skinny Bob

It's hard to find anyone interested in the grey alien phenomenon who hasn't seen the Skinny Bob video. However, the debate about the veracity of this footage still excites the minds of mankind.

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Analysis of the photographs of UFOs, the CIA reports

Analysis of the photographs of UFOs, the CIA reports - Project Number 66120-7

This report contains an analysis of UFO photos sent to the appropriate center. This report confirms the seriousness of the approach to the study of the UFO phenomenon.

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Real UFO sightings 2020 - UFOs video reports

Real UFO sightings 2020 - UFOs video reports

In this video, we analyzed several cases of UFOs, including a UFO flying out of the Moon. Any ufologist, any researcher, it is extremely important to be able to distinguish the truth from lies and to understand the issue of UFO sightings, we will help you.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Astronaut Musgrave's Mysterious observation in space

Astronaut Musgrave's Mysterious observation in spaceExperienced astronaut Franklin Story Musgrave saw something mysterious and unusual several times during his space missions, which he called a snake.

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