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On this page, you can search by tags if you are not comfortable using the classic search at the right part of the web-site. Here are the results:

The Vatican about aliens and UFOs

The Vatican about aliens and UFOs

Various senior Vatican officials have hinted that the Roman Catholic Church is preparing to disclose information about aliens and UFOs to the public for several months.

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Aliens in the Vatican archives or the of secret Heinrich Ludwig

Aliens in the Vatican archives or the mistery of Heinrich Ludwig

In the 1920s, a well-known architect, a lover of occultism and ancient languages, allegedly gained access to the secret archives of the Vatican and found there incredible information about ancient aliens on Earth...

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Legends of six-fingered aliens

Legends of six-fingered aliensSheaves of light plunged into the lake, and then rose high into the sky - the Indians passed this legend from generation to generation. Traces found in the caves of a remote area of Brazil strangely confirm the legend of six-fingered undersized aliens.

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