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Admiral Thomas Wilson leaked UFO documents

Admiral Thomas Wilson leaked UFO documents

Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson, leaked documents on UFOs and corporate reverse engineering of alien technology. There are several important findings from Admiral Thomas Wilson's failed attempts to learn and gain access to the secret UFO program. Which included a covert corporate effort to reverse engineer a recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft. As described in a leaked 15-page document obtained by Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron in November 2018 and uploaded to the internet on April 19, 2019.

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Pentagon ufo video - is it a big fake or not? UFO leaked

Pentagon ufo video - is it a big fake or not? UFO leaked

Published by the Pentagon videos with UFOs are not of interest to ufologists because they do not give any information about an unidentified object, besides the object could have been added to the video deliberately for the sake of additional funding for the US military

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Unique photos of "Arctic UFOs" made in 1971.

Unique photos of

The press "leaked" photos of unidentified flying objects taken from a US Navy submarine, according to the British newspaper Express. The publication writes that the images were allegedly taken in March 1971 by the crew of the SSN 674 submarine-on the way between Iceland and Norway. Express refers to the US Navy archive, according to which from August 1970 to December 1973, an American submarine under the command of Dean Reynolds was actually on duty in the specified area.

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Bob Lazar documentary - Legendary Bob Lazar gave a new interview

Bob Lazar documentary - After 30 years, they are still watching me

Lazar worked at the Los Alamos research facility and later at a base near Area 51, and according to him personally participated in the development of gravity engines based on technologies derived from alien ships.

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