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The Pentagon admits: the US military has UFO wreckage

The Pentagon admits: the US military has UFO wreckage

If you were waiting for the so-called disclosure, then consider that it has already happened and I do not know what other evidence is needed that UFOs are real...

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Top 10 proofs of alien existence in Area 51

Top 10 proofs of alien existence in Area 51

One of the most secret and mysterious sites in the United States of America and possibly in the world is Area 51 – an American military base located about 130 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas. There are many claims that there is an underground facility in Area 51 where the reverse engineering of spaceships that supposedly belong to extraterrestrials is carried out.

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CIA report - unidentified flying object over Norwegian town in 1952

CIA report UFO Report №00-w-24549

This report is interesting because of the evidence of UFOs recorded by ordinary workers, after the sensational case of a UFO crash, but in the summer of the same year in Norway.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

The Anunnaki of the planet Nibiru created humans on Earth

The Anunaki of the planet Nibiru created humans on EarthA number of secret societies profess myths about the origin of the earth and humanity, talking about the Anunnaki-creatures that the Sumerians considered travelers who descended from heaven.

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