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Different types of aliens - classification and photos

Types of aliens:classification and photos

There are different types of aliens, in this article, we tried to classify all the species in one place. From Greys to Reptiloids. Knowing what aliens look like can be useful to you at any time. After all, meeting with aliens does not always Bode well. The material will be interesting to everyone.

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A non-obvious lie. What the strange fires of the 19th century hide.

A non-obvious lie. What the strange fires of the 19th century hide.In the second half of the 19th century, there were a number of fires in large cities on several continents of the planet at once. Very similar to each other. To be precise, there are also a lot of earthquakes with tsunamis and a hundred comets with meteorites... For some reason, North America was most unlucky. So what was it?

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