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Different types of aliens - classification and photos

Types of aliens:classification and photos

There are different types of aliens, in this article, we tried to classify all the species in one place. From Greys to Reptiloids. Knowing what aliens look like can be useful to you at any time. After all, meeting with aliens does not always Bode well. The material will be interesting to everyone.

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The Dogon people and Sirius: so was there a paleocontact? Conversations with elder Ogotemmeli

The Dogon and Sirius: so was there a paleocontact?

1931. Africa. The plateau of Bandiagara in the South of Mali. The ethnographic expedition of Marcel Griol unexpectedly comes across a small Dogon people in the impenetrable jungle. Researchers were so interested in these Africans that they studied them for more than a decade. And there was something to study and wonder about: for thousands of years, the Dogon passed on to subsequent generations the astronomical knowledge that science at that time only received

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What planets do aliens live on?

What planets do aliens live on?

Relatively close to our planet (let's not forget that the count goes to tens or even hundreds of light-years), astronomers have identified planets that are quite suitable in their physical parameters and composition (data are sketchy) for the life of other stellar races. Perhaps in the distant future, to some of the planets listed below, the first stellar expeditions will be sent to establish the fact of the presence of intelligent life and, accordingly, contacts.

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