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The Dalnegorsk anomaly. A mysterious UFO disaster 30 years ago

The 1986 Dalnegorsk UFO disaster

In the city of Dalnegorsk in the evening at about 20.00 hours on January 29, 1986, more than twenty random eyewitnesses witnessed the flight of a spherical object that was moving parallel to the earth. The UFO was glowing red and was moving at a speed of about 15 meters per second.

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They exist, it's not a big secret. Russian cosmonaut about aliens

Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, although he has not seen the little green men, is firmly convinced of their existence, because the universe is infinite, and people are not its only inhabitants, which is confirmed by the Top secret Soviet program.

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The collision of a Russian pilot with a UFO and the crash

The collision of a Russian pilot with a UFO and the crash

1991, Maxim Churbakov studied at the Yeisk Higher Flight School. During the flight, I saw a fireball, and a second later all the devices failed. The plane lost control and began to fall. At a special commission, Maxim explained: a UFO affected him and the plane. Churbakov's criminal case is still classified as SECRET. An international commission proved him right.

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UFO: secret project "Setka"

UFO: secret project

The USSR studied anomalous phenomena. The country developed a secret research program from 1978-1991, known as the Setka.

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Did Hyperborea exist - is it a mysterious continent in the Arctic? Hidden continent

Did Hyperborea exist - is it a mysterious continent in the Arctic?

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus described the mysterious country of Hyperborea as a land inhabited by higher beings whose level of development was many thousands of years ahead of its time. The first known attempt to reach it was made in the VII century BC. e. A certain Aristaeus left behind a detailed description of the route, which ended on the shore of the Extreme (Kara) Sea. Despite the presence of fairly accurate coordinates, no one else managed to get to Hyperborea.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Are there ancient Anunnaki statues on Mars?

Are there ancient Anunnaki statues on Mars?Enthusiastic researchers surf the expanses of Mars, using NASA photographs as the main material. Everyone wants to find evidence of a highly developed civilization of the past or even the present. And... finds

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