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Edgar Mitchell: we have seen a UFO in space during the landing on the moon

Edgar Mitchell: we have seen a UFO in space during the landing on the moon

Unidentified flying objects appear on Earth and in space more and more often, therefore they are of great interest both for researchers of the UFO phenomenon and for traditional scientists who do not like to rush to conclusions. Only a few dozen people have visited space, so people have always been interested in what astronauts could see during their flights, as well as during the American landing on the moon.

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The Black Knight satellite. Myth or truth?

The Black Knight satellite the untold story. Myth or truth?

Some enthusiasts claim that the Earth has been receiving signals from an alien satellite orbiting our planet for more than a century. And in 1998, the crew of the shuttle Endeavour, while in orbit, even for the first time in history took high-resolution images of this unearthly satellite. This unexplained object is known to us today as the Black Knight.

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Blue Beam project - alien invasion and new Messiah?

New world order and fake invesion with holograms

Destruction of old paradigms. The artificial creation of crises and cataclysms. A simulated alien invasion and the coming salvation of the new Messiah. Control over every person in the world. All these are the ideas of the Blue Beam project...

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