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The base of an alien civilization is located on the territory of India

The base of an alien civilization is located on the territory of India

We have all managed to get used to the fact that all sorts of news about UFOs and alien civilizations come to us from the United States. Therefore, few people pay attention to similar news from other countries, for example, India, but in vain. Recently, rumors have spread around the world that it is the above-mentioned country that not only knows more about extraterrestrial civilizations than others but also cooperates with them. Some sources even say that there is a UFO base on the territory of India.

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A pseudo-ufo story that shocked the world

A pseudo-ufo story that shocked the worldThe pilots of three planes met a mysterious object (or phenomenon) in the air, and for some of them the meeting in the air was fatal: a mysterious ray of light that came from somewhere carried a deadly dose of unknown radiation. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people from earth saw the same thing when they looked up at the sky...

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