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Vimanas and their varieties (aircraft in the environment) UFOs

Vimanas and their varieties (aircraft in the environment) UFOs

Vimana is the flying vehicle of the ancients, its descriptions of which are found in ancient scriptures, for example, in the Vimanika-shastra. These vehicles could move both in the Earth's atmosphere, and in space and the atmosphere of other planets. The Vimana was powered with mantras (spells), and with the help of mechanical devices. Whiteman-small flying chariot. Whiteman carries the second type of aircraft – Vimana. Vaitmar – big Celestial vehicles capable of postpone in the womb of his to 144 Wightman. All by itself, the vimana is a scout aircraft.

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Lubbock Lights - from the history of UFOs

Lubbock Lights - from the history of UFOsWorld ufology calls the Lubbock Lights a series of UFO sightings in the states of New Mexico and Texas, reported in September and August 1951.

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