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The incident in Kaikoura. Digitized 16mm UFO contact film

The incident in Kaikoura. Digitized 16mm UFO contact film

On December 31, 1978, the film crew boarded the Argosy aircraft for an interview with the crew. On December 20 and 21, another plane reported several UFOs, and this was the reason for the interview of Mr. Fogarty and his crew.

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Disappearance of Frederick Valentich

The mysterious disappearance of Frederick Valentich

The disappearance of a 19-year-old Australian pilot and his plane in 1978 is one of the most mysterious phenomena in the history of air travel. Some believe that the plane was stolen by a UFO, some put forward more prosaic options. Today we will restore the chronology of those distant events and try to give answers

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

This is where the "aliens" landed. What are the mysterious crop circles really hiding?

This is where the Gerard Benoit suddenly became famous all over the neighborhood. Early on the morning of July 5, 2020, when he went out to his field near the town of Vimy in the far north of the country, he found that it was hopelessly damaged. A little later, with the help of a drone, it turned out that the areas of crushed wheat form a giant pattern — a Templar cross.

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