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The Chilean alien - who is he really?

The Chilean alien - who is he really?

In 2003, in the territory of an abandoned city in the Atacama desert, a strange humanoid mummy was found, the appearance of which resembled aliens from science fiction films. After 15 years, scientists finally found out that their find is not a creature from another planet, but an ordinary person, subject to an abnormal number of mutations. In 2003, a strange skeleton was discovered in a deserted city loc

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Chilean authorities have released a secret video of a UFO in the sky over Santiago

Chilean authorities have released a secret video of a UFO in the sky over Santiago

The State Chilean Committee for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena in the Atmosphere, part of the Department of Civil Aeronautics under the jurisdiction of the local Air Force, based on the study of the video, concluded that the pilots of Chile in 2014 managed to shoot a UFO in the sky west of Santiago, writes The Huffington Post.

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Space "superhighways" for fast travel across the Solar system discovered

Space Something like this is quite common in science fiction stories, but, as it turned out, it is not so fantastic. Invisible structures generated by the gravitational interaction between bodies in the Solar system really created a network of cosmic highways in it.

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