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CIa Report - Flying saucers in 1952 - ufo sightings

disclosed documents

I decided to show you one of the 1952 UFO reports from the CIA. What is remarkable is that they also collected information, including from open sources, and tried to verify it, not only on the basis of military data but also by analyzing official reports and statements. It will be all the more interesting to hear about the observations of flying saucers and cigar-shaped UFOs that have been observed from Corsica to Algeria.

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Reporting materials according to the expedition Hissar-84. A large number of UFOs from spheres to creatures

Reporting materials according to the expedition Hissar-84A special amateur public research expedition Hissar-84 was organized on the initiative of the Bureau of the Commission of Planetology of the Geographical Society of the USSR. The purpose of the expedition is to study anomalous phenomena in the environment in the Pamir-Alai region (the southern slopes of the Hissar range, on the Siam River, in the area of the hydrometeorological station).

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