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Daniel Fry claimed to have taken a ride on a UFO

Daniel Fry and his close encounter with aliens. The white sands incident

George Adamski was probably the first of the contactees who developed their commercial potential to the limit. However, Daniel Fry had made contact with the aliens even earlier, two or three years before.

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George Adamski – the interplanetary wanderer

George Adamski – the interplanetary wanderer

In 1952, contactee George Adamski took a photo of an alien scout ship. In this photo, the UFO is shown in the smallest detail, this has never happened before. Adamski, who claimed to have had contact with extraterrestrials, said he took this photo through a telescope, after one such contact.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

History of the study of anomalous phenomena by the Soviet Navy intelligence

History of the study of anomalous phenomena by the Soviet Navy intelligenceIn the post-war years, military and civilian sailors of various countries visually, as well as with the help of technical means, increasingly recorded anomalous phenomena (AP) and mysterious objects - both in the depths of the World Ocean and at the junction of the hydro-and atmosphere.

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