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UFO sightings in Bolivia 2021? Possible UFO on Google maps

UFO sightings in Bolivia 2021? Possible UFO on Google maps

This UFO was discovered while studying satellite images of Bolivia. A red UFO casts a shadow. This observation was rechecked using another mapping service, which confirmed that this object was not stationary in the designated area because it was not detected on other services.

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UFO sightings 2021 in Russia. A bizzare red UAP

Red light UFO sightings on video

Video shot on an online webcam in the homeland of the Russian Santa Claus. Very interesting with a timer. Such a UFO is rare

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Calendar for predicting the future

Calendar for predicting the future

For two hundred years, an important source for the compilation of horoscopes and prophecies was the Bruce calendar, published at the beginning of the XVIII century. The predictive astrology of Count Jacob Bruce has not lost its relevance today. Let's see what events should be expected on the Bruce calendar in the coming years. The article contains specific forecasts for 2025 and other dates, as well as the calendar itself

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Skinwalker Ranch Utah

Hell's skinwalker ranch

The history of the anomalous zone, located in the vicinity Of the skinwalker ranch, became known largely thanks to the hotel and aerospace entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow, who owns the Budget Suites of America hotel chain and the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, a space tourism company.

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