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UFO sightings - wednesday 31 March 1993

UFO sightings by RAF

These reports from the British Police, the RAF are quite interesting to study, as they are official information. We are talking about unusual lights that behaved atypically.

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The story of the Australian Kelly Cahill abducted by aliens

Kelly Cahill. Aliens abduction

It was something rounded with glass and windows, illuminated from below. We drove closer and closer to it, but the object did not make any noise.

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The phenomenon of UFO Fastwalker

The phenomenon of high-speed UFOs

In 1993, after the news of a high-speed UFO leaked to the press, the US Department of Defense declassified unrelated satellite information that confirmed that satellites often catch unidentified high-speed moving objects.

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A coded alien message. Contact 1993

A coded alien message. Contact 1993

It happened in the summer of 1993. This year, Sergei Murokh, an old friend of Leonid Bartlov, flew to Minsk by plane from the United States. They went to see Leonid's wife, who worked as a teacher at the art faculty and took the students to practice in the Ushachsky district of the Minsk region.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

ELECTROBALLS - Is this the explanation for UFOs and the paranormal?

ELECTROBALLS - Is this the explanation for UFOs and the paranormal?It is known that the unclassified Project Condign, made by the MoD of UK to study UFOs, reported that they were real and surely they were a strange plasma phenomenon linked to ball lightning. Also said that the soviets and the chinese thought the same too.

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