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On this page, you can search by tags if you are not comfortable using the classic search at the right part of the web-site. Here are the results:

The case of the abduction of Peter Khoury

Peter Khoury abduction

A well-known case of a contactee from Australia. Have traces of alien DNA been found? What experiments did the aliens try to conduct?

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The US Coast Guards encounter with UFOs in 1988

The US Coast Guard's encounter with UFOs in 1988

In the evening of 1988, Sheila Baker and her children were driving along the shore of Lake Erie. At 6:30 p.m., all their attention was absorbed by a large bright object hovering over the lake. Bright lights shone at each end of it...

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She met with aliens with Miriam Delicado

She met with aliens with Miriam Delicado

I don't want to talk to you. Really, I would not like to. I would like to put on a mask and not be here. But I am here because I feel and know with my heart, with my mind, with my whole being that we are on a path that is truly frightening...

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UFO attack on a car with a family of Australians in 1988

The Knowles Family UFO Incident

1988, Australia. The country celebrates a round date - it's bicentennial. However, among the headlines about national celebrations in Australian newspapers, there was also a place for the publication of the story of an Australian family. It told about what these people had to go through while traveling around the country. And then something strange happened.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Memo about UFO sightings

Memo about UFO sightingsObservation of a spherical object near a military unit. Service note with a description of what is happening

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