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Flying saucer dangerously hovered over a car in Tennessee

Flying saucer dangerously hovered over a car in Tennessee (1969)

A guy and a girl, college roommates, were returning by car, and driving along the road between Paris and Mackenzie, in Tennessee. It was Sunday evening, and there was nothing unusual on their way. The couple talked to each other and listened to the radio.

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Three cigar-shaped UFOs on NASA images

3 cigar-shaped UFOs in NASA images

Three objects flying above the surface were found in photographs of the moon taken by the Apollo 9 mission in 1969

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Encounter with aliens at their base in South America

Ludwig Pallmann made friends with Race Of Aliens

In the 1960s, UFO sightings and encounters with aliens, as a growing topic, were highly actual. So the famous businessman Ludwig Pallman, once said that he knew the location of the alien base in South America. In addition, he made contact with its inhabitants.

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Berkshire UFO 1969 - ufo massachusetts 1969

Berkshire UFO 1969 - ufo massachusetts 1969

The story that we want to tell you today has caused such a tremendeous public response and the number of people involved in it is so great that it simply could not go unnoticed in the tablets of UFOlogy.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Robert Taylor incident

Livingston Incident. Dechmont Woods Encounter42 years ago, Scotsman Robert Taylor said that he was abducted by aliens while walking through the woods, which caused a real police investigation.

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