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Kinross UFO incident

Kinross UFO incident

The US Air Force reported that Monkla had crashed and was the target of an interception by a Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft. According to the report, the pilot of the Canadian plane later made contact and stated that he had not seen the interceptor aircraft and that Moncla had never been the target of an interception.

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Unidentified aircraft reported over Spain, Greece, North Africa in 1953

CIA report UFO Report №00-w-29151

In this report, you will be able to read about flying saucers, glowing spheres, and rocket-like UFOs in a modern interpretation of cigar-shaped UFO

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Alien battle in the sky over Nuremberg in 1561: eyewitness accounts and opinions of scientists

Alien battle in the sky over Nuremberg in 1561: eyewitness accounts and opinions of scientistsThroughout our history, many people have claimed to have seen strange things in the sky. Much of what was described as nothing more than natural phenomena or astronomical events, such as meteor showers or comets, clouds of unusual shapes that were mistaken for flying saucers. But what happened in the dawn sky over Nuremberg in medieval Germany still baffles scientists, even four hundred years later.

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