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George Adamski – the interplanetary wanderer

George Adamski – the interplanetary wanderer

In 1952, contactee George Adamski took a photo of an alien scout ship. In this photo, the UFO is shown in the smallest detail, this has never happened before. Adamski, who claimed to have had contact with extraterrestrials, said he took this photo through a telescope, after one such contact.

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Flying saucers over Washington D.C. - UFO sightings

Flying saucers over Washington D.C. - UFO sightings

The Washington Carousel is one of the most mysterious and completely unexplained cases in the observation of Unidentified Flying Objects. If many observations are amenable to rational logical explanation within the framework of the existing model of the Universe in our world, and most of the eyewitness accounts can be written off as collective hallucinations, then the so-called "carousel" still has no analogs.

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Flying saucers over BELGIAN Congo uranium mines, 1952

Flying saucers over BELGIAN Congo uranium mines, 1952, Report №00-w-23602

In the CIA archive was an article from the Vienna newspaper "Die Presse" for March 29, 1952, translated from German.

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Leaked UFO photo - famous ufos photo

Leaked UFO photo

Of course, among the photographs of unidentified flying objects, there are many fakes obtained using photomontage. We present several images that have been repeatedly checked by experts and have not received a satisfactory explanation.

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Aerial fight with UFO

Aerial fight with UFOs

In the 1950s, U.S. Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt was the first leader of the Blue Book project, whose division was assigned the task of studying and analyzing reports of unidentified flying objects. In fact, he is known to the world as the one who coined the term " unidentified flying object "because he believed that the" flying saucer " was misleading everyone.

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CIA report 058375. UFO sightings in USA 1952

Unidentified Flying Objects declassified 20 APR 1977

This report contains several sightings of unidentified flying objects. it is important that the report notes that the objects are not known earth apparatuses, and it is also assumed that the ufos captured in this report do not relate to weather phenomena.

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CIa Report - Flying saucers in 1952 - ufo sightings

disclosed documents

I decided to show you one of the 1952 UFO reports from the CIA. What is remarkable is that they also collected information, including from open sources, and tried to verify it, not only on the basis of military data but also by analyzing official reports and statements. It will be all the more interesting to hear about the observations of flying saucers and cigar-shaped UFOs that have been observed from Corsica to Algeria.

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