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Daniel Fry claimed to have taken a ride on a UFO

Daniel Fry and his close encounter with aliens. The white sands incident

George Adamski was probably the first of the contactees who developed their commercial potential to the limit. However, Daniel Fry had made contact with the aliens even earlier, two or three years before.

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Flying saucers are real and interplanetary

Flying saucers are real and interplanetary

Commander Robert B. McLaughlin, US Navy in January 1950 published a large article in the magazine True in which he reported that flying saucers are real and are interplanetary. McLaughlin, a missile expert at the White Sands test site, tells how a group of sailors and scientists tracked a flying disk using a high-precision instrument and talks about UFO flights that he and others witnessed.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Analysis of UFO cases in Ireland

Analysis of UFO cases in IrelandThis country has been associated with myths and legends about little people since ancient times. In some rural areas, these beliefs persist today, and reports of meetings with local folklore characters are known in the XX century.

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