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Roswell incident in Gdynia? Who stole an alien and a flying saucer from the Poles?

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Roswell incident in Gdynia? Who stole an alien and a flying saucer from the Poles?

On January twenty-first, 1959, a weird thing happened in the port of Gdynia.

Around 5:00 AM in the dark of a winter morning, a red-orange clot of light appeared in the northwest. A large port never sleeps — before the eyes of sailors, workers, and employees, something passed at a low altitude with a roar that drowns out the roar of an eight-point winter storm. It made the docker Jan Blok on the deck of the cargo ship "Yaroslav Dombrovsky" shun in the direction and, changing its trajectory, plummeted into pool No. 4 thirty meters from the pier. The water splashed up to one and a half meters and for some time boiled at the crash site, releasing clouds of steam. There was something glowing at the bottom.

Observers described the object in different ways. Crane operator Vladislav Kuchinsky spoke about a hemisphere a meter long, glowing, and grinding. Port worker Stanislav Kolodzeisky insisted that he had seen something similar in shape and dimensions to a standard two-hundred-liter barrel, only enveloped in flames.

Yan Blok, who barely dodged out of the way of the object, believed that a red-hot cone with a diameter of one and a half and a length of about four meters rushed past him. At the same time, he heard a "metallic ringing" and was sure that he was almost killed by some kind of rocket. There were also witnesses outside the port-Mr. Sobusiak from Orluv described something like the Moon in a bright halo, rushing low over the earth in the direction of Gdynia.

Eyewitnesses ran to the crash site. Engineer Aloysius Date, who was working in the hold and jumped out at the crash, noticed a weird object in the water: "a cylindrical container as if made of glass foil, filled with a rusty liquid much heavier than water."

The container was fished out, but they did not dare to open it. Soon an employee of the Public Security Committee of the People's Republic of Poland — the Polish colleagues of the KGB of the USSR-arrived at the port. He took the container with him. This is Aloysius Date and a former sailor from the Dombrovsky in 1996 and told Japanese journalists from the NHK TV channel. According to the engineer, the container could not be related to the fallen object and, perhaps, simply rose from the silt after the fall. The bottom of the port of Gdynia is littered with various "piggishness" left by the Germans, as well as the bombing of their facilities during the war — the port was used as the German naval base Gotenhafen. The container could contain anything up to experimental chemical weapons or radioactive materials.

UFO Gdansk

The second UFO and scientific expeditions

On the morning of January 23, 1959-a a couple of days after the fall of the object — the editorial office of the popular Gdansk newspaper "Voice on the Coast" was contacted by Wlodzimierz and Jadwiga Plonker. They reported that at 6:05 am they saw a flat orange disk flying and hovering in the air over Gdynia as if looking for something. Then he flew away somewhere.

Although rumors filled Gdynia and Gdansk, there were no articles about the incident in the port in the press at that time. According to ufologists, they appeared in the Gdansk and Warsaw newspapers only a week later-after the "go-ahead" from above, because " the authorities were hiding the truth." Other sources claim that the story about the incident on the front page was published the next day in the Evening Coast. Journalists quoted eyewitnesses and wrote that it was a meteorite or a rocket.

The first survey conducted by the divers of the port on January 29 showed that there is a multi-meter layer of silt on the bottom. Anything could be hidden in it — but the divers were powerless there.

Scientists from the Department of Geology and the Earth Museum of the Polish Academy of Sciences became interested in the case. The Academy of Sciences offered a solid reward for lifting the car — a thousand zlotys. Scientists have twice tried to find the object. The second, more serious expedition in 1960, was led by Doctor of Sciences Jerzy Pokrzyvinsky. But neither the search with long hooks nor the powerful pumps helped to detect a meteorite, a rocket, or anything else.

According to the scientist, the incident is explained by the fall of the car made of iron. However, contact with the water at the pier of a meteorite the size of a barrel would have been accompanied by great destruction — direct witnesses would most likely have died or been injured by the shock wave and shrapnel, and the buildings were damaged.

UFO flying saucer Roswell Gdansk

Rumors and speculation

Like any strange event, the fall of a UFO in Gdynia has become overgrown with a lot of rumors.

"First-hand, in a big secret," they said that the military and "Polish security services" cordoned off the crash site on the same day. They lifted the object with cranes and took it away in an unknown direction, and they took non-disclosure subscriptions from the sailors and port employees under the threat of terrible penalties.

A few days later," it turned out " even more frightening. Under an even greater secret, they told: the port guards found an emaciated humanoid with a burned face on the shore, in a jumpsuit made of incredibly durable material. He tried to speak in an unknown language. He was rushed to the Gdynia Naval Hospital, which was cordoned off by the military.

The wounded man was found to have six fingers and toes, a spiral circulatory system and other anomalies.

The quote:

Observers described the object in different ways. Crane operator Vladislav Kuchinsky spoke about a hemisphere a meter long, glowing, and grinding. Port worker Stanislav Kolodzeisky insisted that he had seen something similar in shape and dimensions to a standard two-hundred-liter barrel, only enveloped in flames.

When the strange metal bracelet was removed from the alien's hand, he died. The corpse was also taken away in an unknown direction — perhaps it still rests in deep freezing in one of the secret laboratories in Poland. There are also stories about the second alien, whose corpse was found on board the raised object.

In many of their versions, Soviet comrades from the Northern Group of Troops and the KGB rushed to the crash site after the Polish army and the "Polish security services". They drove their Polish colleagues out of the perimeter, lifted the object, and took it first to the Soviet base in Borneo-Sulinovo, and then to the USSR. There, in the top-secret Soviet research institutes and research centers, the corpse of the ill-fated alien also disappeared.

Meticulous Japanese journalists in the late 90s tried to find documentary traces of the rise of UFOs and the appearance of an alien in the hospital, but could not find any clues. The Gdansk television also did not dig up anything intelligible — although the Polish authorities declassified the archives of the People's Republic of Poland after the fall of the Eastern bloc, without fear of political crises and discrediting top political figures.

There are also more exotic versions. For example, the Gdansk deputy Jaroslaw Klodzinski recalls the story of his father, who served at the Gdynia naval base. They say that the USSR secretly tested captured flying disks of the Nazis in Kaliningrad, seized almost from the occult laboratories of Ahnenerbe. One of them lost control and just fell in Gdynia.

Alien roswell Gdansk

Possible explanation

The most "materialistic" version tells about an emergency American satellite or rocket. The authorship of the version about UFOs and aliens is attributed to the KGB and "bezpek" in order to hide the latest American equipment that fell into Soviet hands from the United States.

Ufologist Anton Anfalov put forward a fairly plausible version of what kind of object could collapse on Gdynia from orbit.

On December 18, 1958, a new Atlas-B launch vehicle was launched from Cape Canaveral. It put the world's first communications satellite with a SCORE repeater weighing almost four tons into low Earth orbit. He successfully transmitted a Christmas greeting from President Eisenhower to Earth on short waves. After 12 days, the batteries ran out and the device descended from orbit. Exactly on January 21.

Naturally, the discovery of such a valuable object would not be spread in Moscow either. Well, it is better for journalists and eyewitnesses to give a version about aliens — let Foxiushi Mulderovsky and Dani Skalchik look for traces of mysterious aliens. After all, it is better to tell about the light of Venus reflected by a meteorological probe when you hide the traces of a real UFO.

According to the official version, the satellite burned up when entering the atmosphere over the Atlantic near the island of St. Helena. However, there is information that the rocket deviated from the trajectory at launch, and the MCC initially thought to give a signal for self-destruction.

It can be assumed that SCORE did not descend from orbit quite normally, and the four-ton satellite did not completely burn down.

There is no confirmation of this version, but it still looks more sensible than the accident of an alien ship or the Soviet tests of the Ahnenerbe flying disks. However, fans of dark secrets have already added horror stories to it. They say that a four-ton car is not needed at all to transmit the president's speech. Perhaps there was a habitable compartment with experimental monkeys in it... and the unfortunate primates in orbit were shot down by the communists! But the authorities are hiding it!

Be that as it may, this story still excites the imagination of the inhabitants of Gdynia and the entire Primorsky region of Trymyast. It is told to tourists and guests, embellishing with the most terrible and impressive details about the machinations of aliens, "Polish security services" and Moscow communists.

After all, as you know, history becomes a legend, a legend becomes a farce, and then they begin to poison jokes.

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