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Reptiloids live among us and have already seized power over the world....

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Reptiloids live among us and have already seized power over the world....

A terrible tragedy happened recently in the state of Pennsylvania. 32-year-old American Steven Mineo asked 42-year-old roommate Barbara Rogers to kill him. She shot her beloved right in the forehead and called the police. The lady explained to the guards who rushed in that Steve decided to pass away, afraid of the dominance of reptilians in the USA. The fear of these secret rulers of the world earned paranoia. It seems that the girlfriend did not go far from the boyfriend, otherwise she would not have started shooting, but called the paramedics.

The police are dealing with the killer. She's under arrest.

Is it worth paying attention to a clinical case from the life of crazy people, you ask? Alas, the late Steve is not alone.

Reptiles, according to science, are a class of reptiles - turtles, crocodiles, lizards, snakes. It turns out that freedom-loving Yankees grovel before them.

When and from where did this attack fall on our heads?

In ancient times, lizard-like aliens arrived on Earth from the star Tuban in the constellation of the Dragon. Disgusting aliens interbred with people in the Caucasus mountains. Hybrids scattered around the world, began to rule the earthlings. The English Queen, American presidents, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros are pure reptilians, says Englishman David Ike, author of the popular theory of the "world conspiracy of snake people".

Around 2200 BC, the Dragon Royal Court was formed in Egypt. Today, 4,000 years later, he is in England, which is the epicenter of world control. The “reptile-human” hybrids were at various times the rulers of the Near and Middle East, and finally became the aristocracy and royal families of Europe. The Windsors are one of these lines. If you research the genealogy of American presidents, you will be amazed. All presidential elections since George Washington in 1789 have been won by the most “pure-blooded” candidates, and the benchmark is European royal blood. The same applies to all key positions of power, the same tribe is everywhere!

claims David Icke:


65-year-old Ike, a former football player, has already written two dozen books about snake people. Releases videos, travels around the world with lectures, gathering full halls. I don't think I've reached Russia yet, but I've already lit up in the Baltic States and Ukraine. And everywhere scares the people with an honest conspiracy of sinister reptiloids (they are Anunaki, Illuminati). In the past, Ike was a well-known sports commentator for the BBC channel, the speaker of the British Green Party, so he knows how to process the audience, tickle the nerves.

In Vancouver, a female businessman approached me. She had an affair with a man, right during sex he changed his image from human to reptilian. Can you imagine her shock? And the flow of stories does not stop. There are some frequency fields in which it is much more difficult for reptilians to retain their human form. I think that people's consciousness switches to this energy for a short time from time to time. And then people see the reptiles through their third dimension outfit.

claims David Icke:

However, the main part of the reptilians, several million, lives in underground cities, mines gold. They need the precious metal to increase their intellectual abilities and travel in space. And those at the top in power provide access to gold reserves.

UFO sightings


Ike has millions of fans not only in the USA, but also in other countries. And a lot of fellow propagandists. For example, the American Stuart Alan Sverdlow, author of the books "How the secret power on earth works. Reptiloids and not only", "Illuminati, aliens and the New World Order"...Stewart claims that his grandfather is the brother of the famous Bolshevik, Lenin's associate Yakov Sverdlov. He was, they say, sent to England to create a Communist party, then transported to the USA. Indeed, Yakov Sverdlov had a brother, Benjamin. Before the First World War, he fled from exile to London, then moved to America, opened a bank there. In 1918, Yakov summoned Veniamin to Petrograd and appointed him Commissar of Communications. Railway Minister. He served in other high positions, and in 1938 was shot as a Trotskyist.

"Although Reptiles were the first colonists on Earth, they are not the only ones who interfered with human development on the planet," writes Sverdlow. - The Aliens from Tau Ceti focused their attention on Siberia, the Ural Mountains. The geographical conditions there are similar to Tau Ceti and its colonies on Epsilon Eridani. The Aliiens added their DNA to the human prototype, creating Slavic peoples. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union signed an agreement with the Aliens on the use of bases in Siberia and the dungeons of the Ural Mountains. That's why Sverdlovsk, named after my great-uncle, the first president of the Soviet Union, was a closed city. (Yakov Sverdlow, as the head of the Central Executive Committee, was formally indeed the head of Soviet Russia. – Auth.)

Many experiments on the effects of radiation on people were conducted here from 1958 to the 1980s. An American spy plane was shot down near Sverdlovsk in the early 1960s, when the United States was trying to find out about the secret activities of the Aliens."

Now do you understand why Dyatlov's group died in the Urals in 1959? Aliiens conducted a sinister experiment on the pass with unhappy tourists … How simple it is!


To disguise themselves in human form, reptilians perform many rituals and ceremonies, writes a descendant of the first head of Soviet Russia, Stuart Sverdlov. They say that most of the world leaders and the corporate elite of the planet participate in them. The most common are the absorption of human blood and hormones. Otherwise, the reptilian mind would activate their DNA, and the aliens who seized power on Earth would look like lizards. Thousands and thousands of missing people every year actually become victims of their bloody rituals. Sex increases the energy of reptilians. That's why they launched pornography, homosexuality, and all kinds of orgies on the planet. AIDS is also their handiwork. "Reptiloids committed ritual murders filled with symbolism, for example, John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana," says Sverdlow. - They also organized many high-profile crashes of flights around the world. Locations, dates, dead people - everything has a ritual meaning. These were planned and carefully prepared sacrifices as part of a worldwide bloody ritual that changed human consciousness and thinking."

Reptilians in the government or fairy tales?

I honestly tried to listen to Ike's scientific lectures, read Sverdlov's books, but I couldn't master this gibberish, take it seriously. And the number of Ike fans is growing thanks to the Internet.
It seems, how can a normal person believe in this nonsense? Just do not say that this faith is the lot of psychos like the innocently murdered American Stephen Mineo and poorly educated marginals.

The world is really sausage right now. The global crisis of 2008-2009 happened before our eyes. The consequences have not been healed so far, and a new, more terrible one is on the horizon, analysts are scaring. There are continuous devaluations, demonstrations, sanctions, conflicts, wars all around… Even the climate is changing before our eyes. Economists, political scientists say that global capitalism, which has defeated socialism, is being replaced by a new social formation, unknown ... It's hard to live in an era of change when all the usual guidelines are violated. Where can a person go?

David Icke offers a simple explanation: humanoids are to blame for all the troubles, having staged a global conspiracy against people. "What we call the New Order World is the reptilian plane. They want to create a structure of a world government, a world central bank, a world currency, an electronic banking system, the elimination of cash, the chipization of the population and a NATO world army. They plan to create incredible chaos using the strongest mind manipulation techniques. A big problem for reptiloids is that the vibration of our planet is increasing and will soon reach such a speed that it will be simply impossible for them to keep the human form. That's when we'll finally see that our planet is ruled by reptiles. They won't be able to hide anymore.”

Even the very flow of negativity, aggression, pouring every day on our heads from TV screens, has a simple explanation for Ike: "In addition to gold, reptilians strongly depend on the aura of the space surrounding them. Negative emotions: fear, hatred, aggression feed them energetically, so it is these feelings that they try to sow among the population through media resources and geopolitical instability."In general, disguised lizards, iguanas feed on our fear.


  1. The human pupil is round in shape, in reptiloids the pupil is elongated vertically, like in snakes and cats. The diaphragm does not expand evenly, as in humans, but takes an almond-shaped shape.
  2. The human tongue has the shape of a "shovel shovel" or is sometimes demonically pointed at the end. In reptiloids, it is thin and long, like a snake.
  3. The teeth of reptilians are sharper and larger, sometimes a rare palisade is located on the gum, unlike a dense row of modest human teeth, unless, of course, they are covered with crowns and prostheses.

There are also all sorts of "10 differences between a reptiloid and a human" on the Web.


Ike claims that the reptiloid cannot pronounce "kininigin".

In Howard's story, it sounds different: "Ka nama kaa lajerama".

Has David Icke tried to pronounce half of Russian, Polish or Czech words?) He would have been disappointed and recognized as a reptilian.


The author of the fashionable world conspiracy theory, David Icke, claims that the insight about the creepy reptiloids came to him from above (a well-known trick of the creators of all kinds of cults!) But FBI consultant Michael Barkun, a professor at Syracuse University specializing in the history of religions, found out where the legs grow from. The American writer Robert Howard, the author of the famous cycle about Conan the Barbarian, wrote back in 1929 a fantasy story "The Kingdom of Shadows" about the times of ancient Atlantis. There are mentions of power-hungry reptiles who, thanks to magical charms, posed as people. They secretly killed real kings and ruled under their human guise.

70 years later, Ike released his book on this topic, The Biggest Secret


Ike's version of the secret conspiracy of reptiloids does not want to comment. We think it is being deliberately disseminated in order to divert public attention from the real secret management structures. And compromise the very search for hidden mechanisms of the historical process as a whole, including ancient history and the mystery of the origin of man. Closed supranational structures of global coordination and management are a reality. These structures often dictate their will to governments, parliaments, and individuals. And they tell us – reptiloids rule everything!

Perhaps Ike himself believes in what he writes. But his conspiracy theory, brought to the point of absurdity, is used to discredit serious scientific research, how the modern world works and is governed. Why do millions believe in reptilians? A significant part of people have always had a mythological and mythologized consciousness . Let's recall the myths of ancient Greece about Zeus or the Slavic Perun. There was, however, a period when the mythologized consciousness was much inferior to the scientific one. The first 60-70 years of the twentieth century. Then the process went backwards. This can be seen at least by the way education is collapsing. It is enough to look at the current global political and intellectual elite and compare it with its predecessors.

No, we will not deny that reptiles are present in the mythological part of different peoples, here is the story of the Naga, and even in the story of Adam and Eve, the serpent is the tempter. There is no denying this fact. In this case, we are talking about Ike's version, which does not stand up to any criticism. And this should be shared. Reptilian aliens and Ike's version of it.

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