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Real UFO photos were taken by a schoolboy in 1990.

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Real UFO photos were taken by a schoolboy in 1990

Ufologists claim that the phenomenon of UFOs is that when it appears, it can be visible to some and completely invisible to others. No one can explain this, but out of several people who are nearby, someone can see a UFO, and someone can not. A similar story happened in Uzbekistan. Tashkent schoolboy, Volodya B., took 20 pictures of UFOs! The photos were taken on November 7, 1990, with a Zenit camera on a film of 64 units. These are unique photos in which a child captured the movement of a UFO over his home.

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Volodya stood with his parents on the balcony of his apartment, which was located on the eighth floor. Suddenly, the boy screamed that he saw a UFO approaching their house. The adults didn't see anything. Volodya ran into the room, grabbed a camera, and began to photograph the object.

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The adults were completely perplexed - the boy was photographing an ordinary sky and shouting that a UFO was flying right over their house. What was the surprise of the parents when they saw a real flying saucer in all the developed images! The student managed to take quite detailed photos of the object. He fixed the object on the approach to the house.

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A UFO flew right over them and I also took a picture of the UFO at the moment when the object had already flown over the balcony - a side view and quite close.

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According to ufologists, the height of the object above the house was 150-200 meters. These photos are considered authentic and are used by ufologists in Uzbekistan to prove the existence of UFOs. The house where the student took his unique pictures is located in the residential area of Cherdantsevo-1.

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