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UFO and alien contact in 1978, Poland

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Polish UFO and alien contact in 1978

The article by Konstantin Dombrowski is based on the investigation of ufologist Zbigniew Blani, published in two issues of the magazine "Przekruj" in 1978

Farmer Jan Wolski came across two alien creatures in 1978 in Poland. In those days, there was no Internet in the world, and information about UFOs and aliens was not mass. Therefore, there is a high probability that what the farmer saw is not a product of his imagination.

They were people, not animals. Only maybe painted or masked. Faces and hands are green..

Jan Wolski:

So Pan Wolski, a peasant from near Lublin, described the unusual creatures he met on a forest road and who then invited him to visit their unusual flying "bus".

Jan Volsky, 1978 ufo and alien incident

Jan Volsky, 1978

The case was investigated by Polish ufologist Zbigniew Blania. The publication in 1978 of the magazine "Przekruj" became a real sensation.

Pan Volsky told the ufologist how on a May morning in 1978 (on one of the Wednesdays, the 10th or 17th) he was driving through the forest on a cart and saw "two" slowly walking along the road ahead of him. Hunters were not uncommon here, and he paid no attention to their faces or their clothing. When the cart drew level with the people, they jumped into it easily as they walked. The farmer saw their strange black clothing: something like tight-fitting overalls that covered their heads and turned into shoes. Only the faces and hands were bare, "everything is almost like every person, only... green. The eyes are slightly slanted, the cheekbones are prominent.

The image of the creatures, recreated according to Jan Volsky

The image of the creatures, recreated according to Jan Volsky

And on the hands between the fingers, there are some webs... were they gloves? The strangers were talking among themselves, but the peasant did not understand.

Who would understand such a fast and frequent speech-ta-ta-ta-ta...?

Jan Wolski:

When Blania clarified who, in Wolsky's opinion, it could be, Jan said, " some kind of cross-eyed (exactly in the original - K. D.), but only with green skin." And very small in stature. (Below the witness himself, whose height is 164 centimeters).

The most interesting things are ahead! Having left from behind the trees, the farmer suddenly saw a " bus " hovering in the air 3-4 meters from the ground, below the tops of the birches!

Polis UFO bus 1978 alien incident

The object was bright, "clean" and shiny-directly glowing as if entirely cast from some metal. The " bus " swayed slightly up and down in the air, and there was a faint buzzing sound. The horse was startled, and one of the companions nodded to Jan to stop.

The unknown men nodded for Pan to follow them. A "platform on ropes" descended from the object. Jan, along with his companions, stood on the platform, grabbed the "ropes" for safety, and instantly found himself at the top in front of some kind of airlock with a "door" that looked like a rolled metal sheet. He was motioned to enter, which he did.

Inside the object, they were met by two more of the same creatures. One of the "owners" was holding something like an "icicle" in his hand. He broke off some of it and put the pieces in his mouth. This food broke without crunching, like a soft loaf. The creature that had risen with Wolski also broke off a piece and offered to do the same to Pan Yan. He refused, and no one else insisted.

UFO report

Here is what Pan Volsky said next:

"It was empty inside. No appliances or anything like that. Only the walls, floor, and ceiling. All black, maybe a little grayish. Under all four walls, there are 10-12 small benches at a height of 60-80 cm from the floor. On one of the walls, he noticed two holes at a height of about one and a half meters. In the holes, one of the" these " periodically put and turned to the sides some kind of black stick with a small knob. Two crows lay against the wall to the left of the door. Or a rook? I don't know for sure. They were alive, but they hardly moved.

Jan Wolski gives an interview to a local newspaper


Only occasionally moved. One of the people in the room shows me to undress. I took off everything to the waist, and he shows that you need to undress completely. I took everything off and I'm standing there. One of them has two plates in his hands. I don't know if they're bonded together or not. He stood in front of me and put the plates together. They clanged softly. Then they turned me sideways, raised my hand up, and "tinkled" again. This was done from all four sides. Then they showed me that I could get dressed and leave. Already at the door, I felt somehow unpleasant just to leave.

I turned around, took off my hat, bowed, and said "good-bye." And they all bowed and smiled in the same way."

Mr. Volsky himself stood on the platform of the "elevator" and instantly sank to the ground. When he reached his cart, he looked back at the machine hanging above the ground: the creatures were standing near the open door, still smiling. Jan touched the horse, which was very afraid of the " bus " and drove around the unit far under the trees.

To the last question: "What did Pan do when he came home?" Jan Wolski replied with his usual peasant calmness: "I sent my sons to see the green geezers."

Wolski's two sons and their neighbors ran into the woods. But the object was no longer there. There were traces of the presence of "something incomprehensible" and the prints of unusual shoes.

UFO over Poland

The owner of a nearby private property confirmed that she heard a loud, but short-lived rumble. Strange, as if from under the ground. At this time, children were playing in the courtyard. Six-year-old Adas, who ran to the house, said that he saw an unusual "plane" that looked like a bus fly by.

"Did you see the soldier's face?- yes.

"What was it like?" A minute of silence.

Adasya (Adam) lowers her head..."Green," he says, barely audible."

When asked about the color of the flying "plane", the boy pointed to a bluish-white bucket. Then it was found out that the object flew slowly and the child managed to see the only window and even ... the pilot in it! When asked by Blani what the pilot looked like, Adas replied that he was "like a soldier" in a grayish-black uniform.

Adam Popelek, 1978

Adam Popelek, 1978

Zbigniew Blania, concluding his article, says that Jan Wolski - a respected man in the village-never told anything like this. He didn't have a TV or books, and he read newspapers, but not often. Recall that in 1978, both in the USSR and in the Warsaw Pact countries, official newspapers only existed, they practically did not print anything about UFOs. According to the ufologist, Volsky did not attach any "cosmic" significance to his story.

Monument UFO Poland

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